The Rolls ROyce 103EX Prototype 

The 103EX Prototype imagines what a luxury rolls royce vehicle could look like 100 years from now, conceptualizing the future of the brand and of cars as we know them.

Words by Luisa Tarantino

Fashion Editor Justine Le

In 2016, Rolls Royce unveiled the 103EX Prototype at London’s Roundhouse, touring the car around the world at shows and exhibits. Just last year, the 103EX returned home to the Rolls Royce’s Goodwood plant, the luxury vehicle maker’s headquarters. Though revealed 4 years ago, the 103EX is still as avant-garde as ever, looking it can easily fit into any upcoming sci-fi film.

For the British Automaker, the 103EX represents the first vision of the company’s production future, one in which”every Rolls‑Royce will be a unique work of art,” where customers will be able to customize “shape, size and silhouette – able to craft [their] vision entirely from the wheels up.” The 103EX thus represents Rolls Royce’s first “VISION 100” — their first car embodying the endless possibilities that await the future not only of their company, but of automating in general. The 103EX is ‘the Haute Couture’ of the future of luxury vehicles.

The 103ex revealed at The RoundHouse in London in 2016.

Design-wise, Rolls Royce sees a future where transport is commoditised, where vehicle design will have to be modern and contemporary, yet glamorous and luxurious. The automaker states, “Each Rolls-Royce will be designed less like a car, and more like an individual sculpture made from one seamless surface. Fluid curves sing with warmth, romance and opulence.” The 103EX’s interior is envisioned as serene, serving as a sort of sanctuary, featuring a canopy roof that opens up, a panoramic skylight observatory, a luxury entertainment system, and rare comfortable interior materials. The vehicle is also grandiose, like everything else about the concept, being 19.4 feet long.

The car will also be an AI-powered vehicle, featuring its very own AI companion; Eleanor (you can even watch a video introducing you to Eleanor, almost like it came right out of Blade Runner 2049). An all-electric drivetrain, the vehicle offers autonomous drive, and a futuristic, enhanced artificial intelligence that can practically do it all, from charting out the most efficient route to keeping track of your daily schedule, offering a truly personalized experience for the rider.

The future of luxury vehicles sure does look crazy, but we have to admit we’d love to experience something like the 103EX.


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Written on: August 8, 2020