Stockholm Design Week launched in 2012 and has since become the most important week of the year for Scandinavian Design. One of Europe’s leading showcases for furniture and lighting, it sees hundreds of designers, architects, and buyers from all around the world meeting at over 200 events in the Swedish capital. Collaborations, sustainability, and craftsmanship were the driving force behind most installations in the city. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s edition.

By Azamit

the fenix palace exhibition

Exhibition by Ariake X and My Residence

An exhibition set in a former entertainment palace in central Stockholm, “The Fenix Palace” is the second collaboration between My Residence and Japanese producer Ariake. Designed by Hjalmar Westerlund in 1912, the venue housed a selection of restaurants, a bowling alley, a dance hall, and a theatre until 1940. The palace played a vital role in showcasing the selected Japanese furniture as well as the crafts of small producers and local artisans.

the baker's house exhibition

Färg & Blanche’s

Duo Emma Marga Blanche and Fredrik Färg decided to showcase a ‘personal exhibition’ in Emma’s great-great-grandfather’s townhouse from 1800. Inspired by Blanche family’s history of the Knäckebröd (Crispbread) factory they once had, the designers dug deep into family photos, stories, and memories to create new and modern furniture designs and collections of objects.

the national museum bust


Stockholm’s 19th-century Nationalmuseum recently reopened after a five-year renovation. As part of its initiative to promote Nordic design, called NM& – En Ny Samling/A New Collection, the institution commissioned five Swedish designers to work with 21 local manufacturers to furnish the new spaces. The interior is now filled with a bespoke contemporary collection of furniture, light fittings, tableware, and other decorative objects created by contemporary Nordic designers.

spatial sensibilities exhibition

Exhibition by Frama and Andreas Martin-Löf Arkiteker

Copenhagen-based design studio Frama highlighted its collection at the newly renovated house of Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekte. Walking inside a modernist building overlooking the scenic Riddarfjarden waterway in Kungsholmstorg was an idyllic escape during the Stockholm design week. The interior was a carefully curated exposition of Frama’s latest pieces as well as some of its permanent collection. It provides a peaceful merging of architecture and design and a collaborative ideology for a poetic modern living space.

sie wohnen hier exhibition

Curated by Mgniberg and Bukowskis

Contemporary art, antiques, and design from auction house Bukowskis were displayed alongside (or juxtaposed) with Magniberg’s audacious textiles and colourful cubistic furniture. This abstract showcase had a focus on art, quality craftsmanship, and timeless design. The exhibition was born out of a desire to inspire, while demonstrating that current design doesn’t need to exclude antiquity.

Written on: September 20, 2019