Best of Milan 

men’s fashion has started to roll out at milan fashion week, and we can attest that nothing but incredible looks have been served. from prada’s commuter chic looks to dolce & gabbana’s fashionable workman silhouettes, milanese designers are drawing inspiration from the basics, reimagining classic wardrobe pieces. here are some of our favourite fits so far from milan fashion week.

—By Luisa Tarantino


fendi milan 2020

fendi –   For their Fall 2020 Collection, Silvia Venturini imagines a ‘new normal,’ where traditional garments and silhouettes are not what they seem. With retro-futurist undertones, the collection draws on Fendi’s essence of craftsmanship, with silhouettes that give a quality of polished utility and modernity, especially for a modern gentleman. Featuring an array of materials, from melton wool to heavy twill to flannel and shearling, the collection plays with the notion of making the body a ‘wallet,’ having pockets for cigars, earphones, tailored card holders, and more. Accessories make the collection dazzle – with bright yellow and sleek black leather bags, hats, and glasses adding a more streetwear approach.


tiger of sweden fall 2020

tiger of sweden – Taking inspiration from Classic Hollywood actress Greta Garbo and her timeless, functional style, the Fall 2020 Tiger of Sweden collection is full of multi-functional fits that make for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. With jackets and blazers made from technical materials such as water repellant nylon and wool and utility-inspired pieces such as packable windbreakers and cargo pants, the Tiger of Sweden collection fits into the theme other designers have showcased so far. The collection features earthy, rich tones like bordeaux, brilliant blues, and warm camels. Prints of various cities, like New York and Stockholm, as seen on the accessories in the collection, pay tribute to the streets Garbo walked.


dolce & gabbana fall 2020

dolce & gabbana – The D&G collection embodies and embraces that which is Italian – class, style, craftsmanship, and hard work. The collection focused on ‘artigianalità,’ or craftsmanship, with pieces ranging from well-tailored suits to some models wearing aprons and carrying tools. Other looks were all cozy and comfort – incredibly thick jumpers and scarves made to survive a winter. D&G likewise draws on the trend of utility, with cargo pants and boots littered throughout the collection. The collection is not colorful, yet stil incredibly striking, with deep browns, seductive edgy blacks, and minimalist greys.


prada milan 2020

prada – Also drawing on the concept of the workingman, Prada showcased a more futuristic approach to the trope, with significantly more colour. Merging the old and the new, classic and futuristic silhouettes, monochromatic shades and bright colours, Miuccia Prada sought to explore extremes with this collection. With boxy and oversized silhouettes, Prada imagines workers of all kinds – the office worker to the rural worker.



armani –  Similar to the Emporio Armani collection, the Giorgio Armani Fall 2020 draws on utilitarian and functional silhouettes, but adds some tailoring and workwear to the mix. With suits that are simple and straight cut to more sporty, urban pieces, the collection is not necessarily a contrast from the Emporio collection, but instead seems to exist in the same world. Offering his own unique spin on the workman theme of Milan Fashion week, the Armani collection is incredibly unique and futuristic, yet wearable and classic.



Written on: January 13, 2020