The Hottest 2020
Advanced technologies and ultra modern designs, some so exclusive you can’t even get them in North America – yet. This selection of four of the hottest 2020 luxury rides will definitely make your heart race.

Italian-made, lightest of it’s kind. Exclusive? Very! Only 500 units will be produced. It is the first-ever road bike with a full carbon frame, the fairing being made fully of carbon fibre just like the base of the single-seat unit and the bi-plane wings. The electronic components make it a modern-day super bike. You can tailor each ride based on your preferred settings. Switch from Race A, B or Sport mode to ride according to your needs, on circuit or on the road. Download your personal settings directly in the monitor to customize your ride. It’s yours for 100 000 euros. Other features include: a dry weight of 152kg and a road-going power figure of 224hp. Equipped with the track-only full Akrapovic unit, reaching 234hp.


Founded in Brazil in 1995 and purchased by Blue Oval in 2007, the Troller hit fame and was instantly recognized for its sturdy 4×4. The TX4 is equipped with an automatic gearbox and 3.2 litre five-cylinder turbodiesel. The panels in between the front and rear (Navy Blue) are available in a variety of colours. You can control the dual-zones climate conditions with a dash-mounted button. It is considered to be an off-road-ready Troller. This beauty is available only in the Brazilian-market at the moment but in the meantime,  Ford has a brand new Bronco in store for us.


The Ford GT is near its end in production, yet Ford is still polishing and upgrading the model. This l
iquid carbon edition means a raw carbon fibre finish, with all the details improved and refined. It takes 3x longer to build; the body is hand-built for perfect symmetry.  It made its first appearance at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show and the reaction was unanimous. The Ford GT offers even more power from the Twin-Turbo V6, as well as improvements regarding the engine cooling system. This stunning car is a charm, due to his clear coat over the exposed carbon, offering an ‘under glass’ look. 



Upgrades and exciting new features are here for the 2021 Cadillac Escalade! A curved OLED dash with ultra advanced technologies, having a reality display that overlays live street views, navigational aids, and a Surround View that uses 4 exterior cameras for all around perspective. AKG sound system, rear camera that livestreams to the exterior mirrors, and Night Vision using infrared vision add a cool touch. Design wise, the car is clean and bold!


Written on: March 3, 2020