McLaren Gordon Murray

The 2021 McLaren t.50 coupe, designed by gordon murray, the mastermind behind the mclaren f1, is the innovative and improved successor to the famous f1.

           —By DTK Team

As the successor to the F1, the T.50 Coupe is designed to be an improved version of the F1 in every way, as well as to be the “purest, lightest and most driver-centric supercar ever created.”  With a 4-litre Cosworth V12 engine, the T.50 Coupe promises 653 horsepower and 12 500 RPMs. Given this power ratio, the T.50 can most likely hit 60 mph in less than three seconds, which is about two tenths quicker than the F1. Expect a top speed of about 200-220 mph.

Design-wise, the T.50 does look a bit like the F1 on the exterior. The profile is clean and simple — the beltline flows past the front wheel, descending to the door area before making its way from the rear haunches and dropping at the rear fascia. The car also has dihedral doors that rise up and forward,  and the car’s aero subtle features make for subtle, curved sides and vertical wings.

Only 100 models of the T.50s will be made, and the car is priced at $3.1 million USD.


McLaren McLaren


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Written on: August 16, 2020