The UMC-063 XP Zero Motorcycle

teaming up with electric californian motorcycle manufacturer zero, design director and co-founder of untitled motorcycles, Hugo Eccles unveils a new collaboration in the umc-063 xp zero electric motorcycle.

                        —By DTK Team

An experimental motorcycle that aims to explore the future of motorcycle design and functionality, the XP ZERO boasts  “a machined aerospace-grade aluminium powertrain that contains the batteries, charger, and motor. The 82kW motor produces 140ftlb/190Nm of torque – almost double that of a conventional superbike – capable of accelerating the XP to 124mph/200kph with a single twist of the wrist.”

This new model retains all of the attributes of the previous model, the 2020 Zero SR/F, but looks incredibly different in terms of design. The design of the bike is made of all custom pieces, and inspired by the concepts of piloting a jet and aircraft more generally, the XP Zero is painted in an Aerospace Material Specification AMS-36375 ‘Ghost Grey’ experimental aircraft paint, uses aircraft-grade aluminum throughout for the build, and features LED beam lighting that accentuates the bike’s lines. Futuristic and slick, yet rugged and industrial, the design of the XP Zero Electric Motorcycle aims high, yet offers a design that is still realistic and functional.

Zero Electric Motorcycle Zero Electric Motorcycle Zero Electric Motorcycle


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Written on: June 3, 2020