The sustainable city: 

-By Marie-Ève Venne

Often cited as an example of a city putting sustainability at the top of its concerns, Singapore has implemented an assortment of urban solutions over the last years, aiming to be the world’s greenest city. On the cutting edge of environmental improvements, the Lion City is quickly gaining popularity as a top destination for every eco-lover at heart but also perfect for smart travelers looking for a place that offers excitement on every level.

Where to stay
Lloyd’s Inn

A total aesthetic dream and undeniably photogenic, this hotel is bringing minimalist style to a new level, thanks to its innovative green concept. With its open-air corridors, the Lloyd’s Inn reduces its electricity consumption, along with integrating natural elements of sunlight and rainfall as part of the guests’ experience. Focusing on natural light and limiting the colours of room elements to brown, white, and black, Lloyd’s Inn’s minimalist aesthetic is also omnipresent in its guest rooms. Conveniently located near Orchard Road, a popular shopping destination, this hotel is a must-stop for any traveler visiting Singapore and looking to embrace the sustainable movement with comfort and style.

Where to eat

This one-star Michelin restaurant puts the spotlight on what Singapore has to offer through its farm and local producers, with a menu mostly composed of locally-sourced ingredients. Inspired by the flavours he grew up with, Chef Han Li Guang has created an homage to Singapore cuisine, which was until now mostly focused on the skills of its cooks rather than the use of quality ingredients. In his restaurant, iconic Singapore dishes are reimagined with a bold approach to traditional fine dining. Han displays great confidence in technique and ingredients, captivating diners with his inspired take on local dishes.


Where to drink

Don’t expect any regular cocktail here, since most of the drinks at Native are made with wild ingredients sourced from the region, like coconut flowers, curry leaves, and ants, all perfectly edible. Aiming to minimize waste in bars, this stop in the heart of Singapore is doing what everyone thought was impossible. You can’t find any major commercial brands on their shelves unless they originate from Singapore. They use a solar power system, along with a composting system that converts solid waste to a liquid used for an all-purpose cleaner and hand sanitizer, reducing the need for more expensive, less environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. In the end, all this creativity and resourcefulness leads to inventive cocktails that are beautifully presented.


Where to shop

With Catch, you have a contemporary brand founded upon the mission of improving women’s accessibility to luxury clothing by choosing silk, a natural and premium fibre extracted without chemical processing. Even though they are not legally required to test their garments in Singapore, they voluntarily do it because they undertake a scientific approach to quality. This is to ensure that the quality of their garments is never compromised. Their minimal, modern aesthetic makes them a fashion staple in your luggage to bring back home.


Where to relax
Auriga Spa at Capella

This award-winning spa located in the quiet confines of Capella, Singapore focuses on all things natural and organic. The space features nine treatment rooms (each with a private alfresco garden), two of which are couple suites and one that offers traditional Asian remedies. After your session, you can wander around to use the other facilities. The spa’s hot and cold wet facilities include an herbal steam room, an ice fountain to cool down after a heated treatment, an experience shower, and a calming vitality pool for neck and full-body water massages.


What to visit
Gardens by the Bay

This garden in the city provides breathtaking waterfront views across three gardens, spanning over 101 hectares of reclaimed land. Located next to Marina Reservoir, Gardens by the Bay offers breathtaking waterfront views. This horticultural destination spans 101 hectares of reclaimed land and is made up of two main areas – Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. You can’t miss the massive Supertrees, which are tree-shaped vertical gardens between nine to 16 storeys tall.

Written on: October 7, 2019