Virgin Galactic Supersonic

the VIRGIN galactic supersonic aircraft, still in development,  will have an engine developed by rolls royce, and the ability to fly from London to New York in just 90 minutes.

           —By Luisa Tarantino

A British aerospace and space travel company, Virgin Galactic is aiming high this Supersonic Aircraft prototype. The goal is to develop a high speed aircraft that can shorten the trip from London to New York in just 90 minutes, or one hour and a half. The company has even met with NASA in order to determine whether this would be possible — according to a press release from Virgin Galactic, NASA confirmed that the Supersonic Aircraft concept “would meet the mission’s requirements.” The Supersonic Aircraft also received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (“FAA”) Center for Emerging Concepts and Innovation to work with Virgin Galactic to outline a certification framework.

The engine, which will be designed by Rolls Royce, who has experience in designing engine-propulsion technology, will have a speed target of Mach 3 (travelling at 2,300 miles an hour, or 3x the speed of sound). The aircraft will have a capacity of a maximum of 19 people, and fly at 60,000 feet. The interior cabins can be customized according to Business class and First class seating arrangements, and the company will also aim to incorporate state-of-the-art sustainable aviation fuel in the design. Through the development of this aircraft, Virgin Galactic hopes to act as a catalyst for innovation in the aviation industry,

virgin aircraft

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Written on: August 16, 2020