Some people like to curl up with a good book when it’s cold outside, but we love to read year-round at DTK. Our editors compiled these compelling reads you’ll want to take with you to the park, beach, or airport.


Hollywood’s Eve
From designing album covers for Buffalo Springfield and The Byrds to having romantic affairs with superstars, such as Jim Morrison, it-girl Eve Babitz was leading a remarkable life. She had quite a way with words, so much so, that her writing was praised by her peers, including Joan Didion. Babitz went on to produce seven autobiographical and confessional books before a freak fire in the ’90s turned her into a recluse; that is, until Lili Anolik tracked her down. It took Anolik years of research, recorded interviews, and passionate rereading of Babitz’s work, along with special affection for her subject, to finally tell the story of a woman that lived her life on her own terms from start to finish.

The Home for Unwanted Girls
This is a heart-wrenching love story combined with some of Quebec’s most shocking history. In the 1950s, there is little civility between the French and English people of Quebec. Though for Maggie Hughes, even the extreme disapproval of her English father cannot stop her feelings for the poor French boy who lives the next farm over. Soon finding herself pregnant at just fifteen, Maggie is forced to give up her baby, Elodie, for adoption, but life in an orphanage is short-lived, as Elodie survives the horror of being a ‘Duplessis orphan’, falsely declared mentally unfit and sent to a psychiatric hospital. As the years pass and their stories entwine, both Maggie and Elodie grow desperate to reclaim the truth of their family.

Timing is everything, from becoming famous to getting that promotion you always wanted. What if timing was no longer this ‘lucky’ phenomenon and sequences of unrelated events that aligned perfectly? Daniel Pink explores the science behind time and how to tap into “when” you should be making your next best decision. Shifting our mindsets away from intuition and guesswork, Pink draws on extensive research from psychology to economics, revealing how to literally live our best life and, ultimately, succeed. The cutting-edge research presented in the book is fascinating, leaving you with a practical approach on how to really have perfect timing.

picasso portrait in time book and the little book of hygge book

Written by his grandson, who first became aware of Picasso when he saw a TV interruption announcing the passing of Pablo Picasso, this book is absolutely beautiful: well-laid-out and well-illustrated on high-quality paper. A subject that was avoided at home suddenly became a subject of interest for Olivier. We always wonder how one man can be so prolific. This book doesn’t only portray his art but is also filled with Picasso’s personal anecdotes (his relationships with women, his kids, and his family) and his political involvement and beliefs. You really get a sense of the era he lived in, the war climate, the social scene, and the importance of his artistic work.

The Little Book of Hygge
Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, Hygge is the Danish philosophy for comfort, togetherness, and well-being. For Meik Wiking, author and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Hygge is about atmosphere and experience. It is about spending time with the people you love, sharing food and conversation, lighting candles and drinking warm beverages, feeling safe and at home, turning phones off, and being present in the here and now. Within this beautiful guide, readers explore the true underpinnings of this adorable Danish concept, gaining ideas and advice to incorporate Hygge into their own lives.

Written on: September 17, 2019