Set to premiere exclusively on July 10th on Apple TV+, Greyhound sees Tom Hanks as Commander Ernest Krause of the USS Keeling, code-named Greyhound, as he escorts 37 ships across the treacherous Atlantic to deliver supplies and reinforcements to Allied Forces as he and his men are pursued by Nazi submarines. A star-studded production based on author C.S Forester’s novel The Good Shepherd, Tom Hanks plays alongside co-stars such as Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, and Elizabeth Shue.

Inspired, in part, by some true WW2 events, Greyhound dramatizes much-overlooked WW2 naval campaigns, choosing the Battle of the Atlantic, which began in 1939,  as a critical moment not only in naval war history but in the history of the Second Wolrd War. Ending only in 1945 with the Germans’ surrender, the Battle of the Atlantic ensured that Allied Forces received the supplies they desperately needed. As historian James Holland explains, if the Battle of the Atlantic had been lost, there would have been no “Mediterranean campaign, no D-Day, no VE or VJ Days.”

The film was originally set to release in theatres but like many other films that were set to premiere during quarantine, a digital release deal was reached with Apple TV+ as the highest bidder.

You can watch the trailer below.

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Written on: July 6, 2020