Upgradus helps you get discounted hotel upgrades 

We all love getting value for our money, especially when it comes to hotels. Upgradus is the solution to getting that amazing hotel upgrade at a fraction of the cost.

Designed as an online system that serves as the communicator between the customer and hotel, Upgradus is a free service that allows those staying in the hotel, at any hotel in the world, to show interest in an upgraded room at a drastically discounted rate. Seeing as most hotels currently do not offer a paid upgrade at the moment, Upgradus is indeed a unique service.

However, hotels are now starting to grasp the potential revenue it can gain from allowing its guests to upgrade as it allows the hotel to enhance their guest’s stay as well as avoid leaving a room empty. Upgradus thus allows hotels to offer upgrades directly to their guests in advance, otherwise known as the ‘silent period’ between the guest’s booking and arrival. This allows the guest to consider upgrading in private before arriving rather than make the decision at the check-in desk.

All guests have to do is log onto Upgradus, provide information on where and when they are stayng, and Upgradus does all of the work by contacting the hotel and letting them know that a guest is interested in an upgrade. If the hotel wants to offer the guest a discounted upgrade if the room is still empty, the guest can then choose to accept or decline the offer before their arrival and paying at the hotel as normal so the process remains smooth.

Next time you travel and want to get a discounted upgrade, check out Upgradus at upgradus.com

Written on: February 15, 2020