You can now buy original

Renowned, yet elusive grafitti artist, Banksy, has opened his very own store. You can now buy original Banksy pieces at Gross Domestic Product, but at a cost.

—Luisa Tarantino

Gross Domestic Product is something of a store. More specifically, it’s part of Banksy’s trademark anti-consumerist art installation. The store officially launched on October 17th after Banksy’s announcement that he would be releasing his own merchandise at a pop-up installation in the United Kingdom due to a long legal battle with a greeting card company that sought to seize legal custody of his name and his art.

The store features an array of homeware items, from run of the mill items like a wall clock to more unique items, like a Banksy Met Ball entertainment lighting system made of an old police riot helmet and 650 mirrors that can be hung from the ceiling like a disco ball. Each of the items is signed by Banksy himself, but you can’t just buy whatever you want. Shoppers have to express interest in a piece (only one piece per person) by filling out a form and answering a seemingly simple question: “Why does art matter?” Each application will be judged by a third-party, and the application with the most original response will win the ability to purchase the piece requested. The number of applications selected depends on the stock of the items requested.

Items range in price – some are as affordable as 10 pounds while others can cost up to hundreds of pounds.

Will you be submitting an application?

Written on: October 22, 2019