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Dust of Gods, the internationally renowned sustainable fashion movement helmed by Toronto-based architect Antonio Tadrissi, will be available at their very own pop up shop in Toronto from February 8th to February 21st.  Dust of Gods transforms pre-loved clothing and up cycles them into luxurious, ‘one-of-one’ pieces of wearable art. Sustainability is at the forefront of the brand, and Dust of Gods believes that this can only be achieved in the fashion industry through repurposing..

By Lauren Walker-Lee

This ‘haute’ Pop up takes place at Toronto’s Bayview Village, giving shoppers the opportunity to get their hands on a highly covetable and unique luxe piece. Shoppers can bring an item of their choice (new or old) to get ‘dusted’ on-site, with the item ready for pick up only a few days later. Antonio is an internationally celebrated artist and owner of award-winning architectural firm Prototype Design Lab. He has honed his creativity through his extensive work as a designer, architect, sculptor, tastemaker and entrepreneur. His vision and talent have been recognized globally by clients ranging from Drake to Wanda Group China.

We caught up with Antonio to talk fashion, the environment, and of course “dusting.”

You explore many artistic mediums. Do you have a favourite?

As a multidisciplinary creative it would definitely be difficult to choose a favourite medium. The diversity allows me to express myself in various ways depending on the project I am working on.

What was it like when you began working with fashion garments and accessories? 

It was exciting to start working with fashion garments because I have always loved fashion and it was different from my design projects of the past, but at the same time the skills and processes used are transferrable. I was able to pull from my extensive experience as a design architect and artist, using media that may not traditionally be used in fashion to really push the envelope and consider fashion design in a non-traditional sense.

How did the idea of ‘dusting’ come to fruition?

Dusting began by accident. I was working on an architecture project in London and had ‘dusted’ a jacket with my daughter, to wear to the opening from a piece in my closet. I had an ample amount of clothing that was overlooked, as most people do and decided it would be fun to take to the piece with markers. At the time we did not know that we were “dusting.” The jacket received positive attention. From there, I was encouraged to make more and sell them in a store in LA. I agreed to the proposition and created ten pieces for the LA-based store. They immediately sold. Our first client: Demi Lovato. The rest is history.

“Employing a unique process to sustainable luxury that blends traditional techniques and media of the past with advanced modern technology, internationally recognized design architect Antonio Tadrissi invites you to join him in spearheading the sustainability movement in fashion. Transform articles from your wardrobe into unique pieces of wearable art.”


Can you explain some of the dusting motifs and techniques?

Dust of Gods employs a unique process to sustainable luxury that blends traditional techniques and media of the past with advanced modern technology. Every piece is 1/1 and handmade. The base primarily begins with a process of deconstruction and then reconstruction.


dust of gods

The Dust of Gods Pop Up at Bayview Village

dust of gods

Who are some of your celebrity clients? 

Some of celebrity clients include: Quavo, Offset, Jada Pinkett Smith, Alessandra Ambrosio, Steve Aoki, Swizz Beats, J Balvin, Neymar Jr., Young Thug, to name a few.

Can you please expand upon the importance of repurposing fashion items and the part it plays for the health of the planet?

Each year mass quantities of products are thrown in landfills; beyond this the pollution created in the production of new garments is immense. At Dust of Gods we believe that true sustainability can only come from repurposing. By not engaging with raw production, Dust of Gods is able to play a role in improving the health of the planet. We aspire to create a movement that asks individuals to question their consumption choices and definition of ‘luxury.’ We encourage others to consider the hidden potential of the once loved garments in their wardrobes.

dust of gods

Please describe your artistic style in a few words?

Individualist modernism. I celebrate the unique DNA that each individual obtains with a modern twist.

Who are your go-to fashion designers? 

I have always admired the works of John Galliano.

Tell us about the pop up at Toronto’s Bayview Village. Why is it important to meet with clients?

The clientele at Bayview village has a keen eye for aesthetics and an appreciation for quality. This pop-up has given us an opportunity to share our brand with a group of individuals who value excellence in fashion, but who may be looking for opportunities to consume sustainably.

Written on: February 12, 2020