By Daisy Mellar

The remarkable coffee table book, Dylan by Schatzberg by Jerry Schatzberg, beautifully captures the life of Bob Dylan during the era of Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61 Revisited– arguably some of the most important moments in Dylan’s musical career, as he verged on his legendary status. Schatzberg exhibits a range of photographic locations, including music studios, live performances, and street portraits, as well as unveiling some never-before-seen images of the icon. Reprinted interviews, including A night with Bob Dylan by Al Aronowitz, are also incorporated within this detailed monograph, having the original publication in the New York herald tribune in 1965. Throughout this outstanding documentation of life, the different facets of exactly who Bob Dylan was, is sought after with success. Like the legend himself, this book is sure to stand the test of time.



1966-6FB The Saturday Evening Post-Bob Dylan: 1966-6FB-005
July 30, USA 1966


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