At a time when trends catch on like wild fire, farm-to-table dining has become about something other than its humble local roots.

By Valerie Silva

Like hippiedom in the 70s and celebrity feminism today, the integrity of the local food movement has been obfuscated – more appropriately used as a marketing tool or as a smoke screen for bad food.

The Wolf in the Fog, enRoute’s best new restaurant in Canada for 2014, showcases local ingredients with an emphasis on sustainable sea fare. Be prepared to feast on Pacific oysters, Humboldt squid, and fresh salmon. Chef Nick Nutting explains, “We get all our fish from a dock that’s one block away from the restaurant. You can literally see the boats coming in.” Even the mushrooms that appear in many of the dishes are foraged in nearby forests on Vancouver Island. How’s that for fresh?


The Wolf in the Fog, 150 Fourth Street, Tofino, British Columbia