Editor in Chief: Kathiastrophe’s Week

Since I’m not so vocal on social media, I have decided to share a bit of me via this Monday post. I work a lot so it’ll be a challenge to make this entertaining, but since I’m also good in the ‘oh-no’ department, that should help tell the upcoming tale. This is week one – I’ll be posting in both French and English as of next week. 

By Kathia Cambron

Last week was tainted by a great lesson: pay attention to when your passport is about to expire and even more so when you have a press trip to Paris. That’s right – I had the privilege to be invited to the CHANEL Haute Couture Collection Show in Paris, where I also shot for CHANEL’s fine jewellery collection in only a short 3.5 days.

On Sunday when I decided to check in for my 8pm flight, I realized that my passport expiry date was a mere 60 days away. I looked online to find out that in order to be let in, France requires that your passport expire in more than  90 days before your return date. I’m not a stressed person, but at that moment, I broke out in a cold sweat. The worst part was not knowing what was going to happen for another 12 hours. That evening as I got myself to the airport, retrieved my ticket from the counter, passed security, and let my guard down at the gate where I didn’t profile which agent would be more likely to let me on the plane – the boarding agent of course caught onto my passport situation,  and as a result there was absolutely nothing I could say that would help my case and so the plane left without me. 

After a short night of sleep, I went to the passport office on 74 Victoria Street (I mention this because I had to take my picture at the store next door, run by a lovely Chinese woman who decided to give me amazing service just because she’s cool like that, and was totally okay to take 7 pictures so I could somehow look great – thumbs up,  lady!). After waiting for almost two hours, I had a chance to present my case with success and I got my passport in a few hours. 

I really don’t recommend that experience. It’s quite stressful.

Here’s something funny –  since I had to take the subway 4 times that day, I decided to do a subway workout in which I grab the top yellow handle and stand on one leg, changing with each station for an urban version of Power Plate or something.  I think it kind of worked.

My trip to Paris was now only 2.5 days and since I was going to be landing at 10am and had to be at the Grand Palais by 11:45, I was welcomed by a handsome man wearing a motorcycle helmet, holding a card with my name on it. I was quite amused as he looked at me and my valise and said, “Madame, let me carry your valise. We are going to take the stairs. It’ll be faster than the elevator.”

This gentleman was on a serious mission, I thought. Standing by his motorcycle and looking at me again, he asked, “Madame, do you have a scarf?”


He put my collar up ( à la Milanaise) put the helmet onto my head and removed the helmet because my head was too small, gave me a little hat, put the helmet back on, draped a coat over my shoulders, showed me how to sit, put my valise in the back, and we were off.

When we arrived onto the highway, I was looking at his back but wasn’t sure what to do – should I hold him? In doubt, I just grabbed the side of my seat as hard as I possibly could. We were going so fast and were so close to every other car and car mirror mirror that I was laughing about my grand entrance in Paris, feeling  petrified, stressed, and relaxed all at once. The good news is that we took a 10 min pit stop at my hotel, where I was able to change my boots, fix my hair, brush my teeth, and put on my fur. I was already wearing a CHANEL bodysuit, and a few moments later, we were back on the motorcycle in the direction of Le Grand Palais for the CHANEL Couture show. There are always lots of photographers outside the show so I was a bit nervous. It was already a big entrance from the flight to the show, and I was happy that no one was really paying attention to the girl who arrived on a motorcycle in CHANEL to the show, but I do regret not taking a picture with my driver. It was so epic, but sometimes I can be a bit shy. But I definitely took his card (if interested in this amazing experience, Stéphane Mondor at paris@biribin.fr is the way to go). This guy was awesome and the experience was super fun and unique – without him, I would have never made it to the show! 

After the show, I had 3 interviews to do and I wasn’t prepared for any of them. One of them turned out to be with Pharell Williams! 

So far, that was half my week. I’ll spare you the details of the remainder, but we did the jewellery shoot at Place Vendome with a great friend of mine, Mikael Vojinovich, and an amazing team. It will be published in the upcoming print Spring edition of DTK! 

This week is also when I finally decided to lace up my skates for some winter fitness and start watching Chernobyl on HBO. Needless to say, it was an interesting week.

I wish you a great week! 

Gigi Hadid

At the Grand Palais prior to the show

The Grand Palais after the show

Nittha Jirayungyurn, Korean actress and celebrity

Emily Atef, Film Director

New Tweed de Chanel High Jewellery collection

New Tweed de Chanel High Jewellery collection




Written on: January 27, 2020