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Get your trusty Versace robe ready – the 2020 Versace Home Collection has some unique, colourful Medusa-themed chairs for you to lounge in.

Words by Luisa Tarantino

Fashion Editor Justine Le

If you love Versace, and we mean love Versace, then you’re in luck. Versace Home has everything from basketballs to dinnerware adorning the classic Versace Baroque Print. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could deck out your entire house in Versace-motif essentials to create your very own DIY Versace Palazzo (or, something close).

For their new 2020 Home Collection, Versace collaborated with artists such as Sasha Bikoff and Andy Dixon, creating the stand-out Pop Medusa chair — a vibrantly coloured chair featuring a sculptural Medusa head on its back. The chair is both for indoors and outdoors, and is made of a durable polyethylene, making it weather resistant. The chair can also be purchased with an accompanying laminated glass cube, which can be used as a stool or a coffee table, that features a 3D Medusa head on the inside.

versace home

For this particular line, the Medusa head serves both as a beautiful accent and as an incredible architectural and structural detail, such as minimalist coffee tables adorned with a gold-outlined Medusa head, a kitchen table with a Medusa cut-out at its legs, and even an entire Medusa cabinet with glass shelves that opens up like a sarcophagus. Other than the super vibrant Pop Medusa chairs, the collection has a minimal colour palette; classic black and gold.

versace home

Recently, Versace also created the Jungle collection, which included dinnerware featuring the iconic jungle print as seen on the J Lo Versace dress, as well as various other home items in the same print.

You can shop Versace home here. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the collection.


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Written on: July 28, 2020