Life can be crazy. Here are our top picks for staying sane at all times (and no, they don’t include wine, Xanax, and pizza).

Bianca Taylor

Beauty Editor @bianca_tay



Ask Polly

“My current life motto is: what would Polly do? I stumbled upon Heather Havrilesky’s weekly advice column, Ask Polly, on New York magazine’s The Cut a year ago. I’ve been hooked since. Despaired readers write to Polly about their tricky life situations and she advises them in the most endearing and relatable way possible. Her tough love and witty approach really sit well with me. I enjoy her so much because she doesn’t seem like a phoney who sits around doing yoga, drinking green juices all day, and dressing her kids in Burberry linen shirts. She doesn’t give off the idea of attaining a picture perfect life. Her motto is that flaws are normal and should be embraced (I made that sound cheesy). There’s one quote or piece of advice from every single article that just sticks with me and gives me something to think about throughout the week. Havrilesky is launching her second book, How to Be a Person in the World on July 12th. It’s a collection of never been published material and fan favourite articles from her column. Let’s just call this my new bible.”



“I’ve always rolled my eyes at exercise enthusiasts … until I started a 30 day yoga challenge at Moksha. During the first 10 days of the challenge I was contemplating burning down the building so I wouldn’t have to go through with it, but I’m at day 22 and I’m already starting to feel withdrawal systems now that there’s only a week left. Doing something physical every single day feels a lot more satisfying than I ever thought it could. I’ll usually sign up for a morning class so I can start my day feeling like I’ve already accomplished something. An hour of deep breathing every morning taps into your parasympathetic nervous system and leaves me feeling oddly calm and energized throughout the day.”


Comfort Food

“This is where my inner WOP reveals itself. Whenever I’m feeling high-strung I’ll make myself a bowl of pastina — a tiny variety of pasta that comes in different shapes and is usually served to children in Italian families — with homemade tomato broth and a generous serving of grated Pecorino Romano cheese. It’ll instantly bring me back to days where I didn’t have a credit card to pay or a metabolism that stabbed me in the back. And yes, I do prefer the star shaped variety.It tastes better!”


Marie-Ève Venne

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor @marie_v23




“Imperial Blend. Espresso. Americano. Almond milk latte. Name it. I need my cup of coffee every morning to be able to think clearly before arriving to work. I am the living and breathing cliché of the “don’t talk to me before I’ve had my cafeine fix” kind of person and I am totally ok with it! Nothing beats that moment when I jump out of my bed and drink my first cup while surfing news online — except wine on a Friday night, but that is another story.”


A great playlist

“Call me antisocial, but I have a thing against the noise that pleople make while using public transportation. That is why I use my iPod as my own personnal armor to protect me from the cacophony. I don’t care who’s baby is screaming or why those two girls are oversharing what happened last night while Alex Turner is singing or when Clapton is playing his famous guitar solo on Layla.”


My agenda

” I like making lists of what I have to do, to the point of making a list to remind me that I have one to complete. My planner helps me to keep my life on track to make sure I don’t forget any important tasks to complete during the week. I like to call it my second brain.”



Mayillah Ezekiel

Beauty Editor @mayillahmakeupartist




“Music is probably one of the most important thing to me. I can’t go a day without it! I have a different playlist for any occasion with songs that somehow manage to express exactly what I’m feeling at that moment — whatever that might be.”


Meditation | Yoga or any other physical exercise

“When you have to clear your mind or gain overall motivation in your life, meditating and exercising are both good ways to cope with things. Ironically, to do those things you also need motivation. It’s a cycle, once you get into your groove and make it a part of your daily routine, everything gets easier.”


Staying Creative

“Luckily, my work environment allows me to be creative daily. Keeping my creative mind active is probably the most important thing that keeps me going. It’s something I do without even noticing most of the time, since pretty much every aspect of my life revolves around ingenuity and imagination.”