We all have travel essentials that we just can’t live without — whether we’re planning a quick weekend getaway or going on a spontaneous road trip.


Marie-Ève Venne

Lifestyle Editor @marie_v23



TARTE Cheek Stain in Fearless

“Since most of my travel bag -a.k.a., a luggage that’s big enough to carry a small person- will be filed up with mostly clothes and books, I need my makeup kit to be as minimal as possible. I use this cheek stain to add some colors to my face, but also to tint my lips in a subtle way. It gives you a natural look, almost as if you actually #wokeuplikethis.”


BOSCIA Sheet Mask

“I don’t care about who is sitting in the car with me, I will seize the occasion to create my own spa between gas station stops. It might scare kids staring at us on the road, but this sheet mask is the bomb. It makes my skin look brighter and firmer and is the best to give my face an extra glow in a short amount of time without having to rinse anything off.”



“It might sound as I am trying to live my life like a character in a teen novel, but a polaroid camera is a must when you decide to hit the road. Put aside your cellphone and use this vintage inspired camera to snap the best moments from your trip. Instagram has nothing on the real deal.”


Mayillah Ezekiel

Beauty Editor @mayillahmakeupartist


CAUDALIE Grape Water

“ I always like to have a travel-sized face mist to refresh my complexion on the go. This organic formula increases hydration and reduces sensitivity while having anti-inflammatory properties. This versatile mist can be used as a toner, as a setting spray before applying makeup, to sooth rosacea, and to refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day.”


The Perfect Playlist

“Whether I’m planning a weekend getaway or leaving for spontaneous road trip, I always make sure to have the perfect playlist for the occasion. That usually entails a mix of classic rock and old school rap mixed with a few classics from the 70s and alternative music.”


TOM FORD Henry Vintage Wayfarer Sunglasses

“Sunglasses are always a must. I have a pair for every possible situation, but even more so when I’m traveling. We tend to forget how important a good pair of sunglasses can be. It goes way beyond style and aesthetic. I look for sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection as much as possible, that is why I love this pair of black and gold TF sunglasses.”


Bianca Taylor

Beauty Editor @bianca_tay




“The idea is to bring along one pair of shoes that can work in any situation. Sneakers are definitely the way to go. You can get away with wearing them day or night, and you’re ready for any situation that’s thrown at you. A flat-form also helps out when you’re 5 foot 2.”



“I know this seems super Paris Hilton of me, but I love travelling with this LV bag. It’s the perfect size for a short trip and the compartments are conducive to saying organized. I also like the fact that its a handheld bag (it feels romantically old school).Funny story, actually. I bought it at a second hand shop when I was backpacking in Europe. Needless to say, it looked really weird in my hostel’s locker in Prague. I’ve been trying to damage it so it has a more lived in feel and looks less bourgeois housewife.”



“I’m guilty of owning many more oversized cardigans than any sane person should. They’re just so practical, comfy, and cool. No matter what season, I’ll always have one of these on hand. On a plane, in an air conditioned car, late nights at the cottage — there’s always a great moment to pull out a cardigan. Plus, they just make any outfit look effortlessly cool.”