Empowering Women: Morrocanoil’s Co-Founder

Carmen Tal has co-founded the Morrocanoil brand’s success story, enabling women to flaunt their magnificent hair for the past decade. With relentless passion, she empowers women to take action and dare to follow their inspirations. We had an open-minded conversation with a creative, humble, and utterly human co-founder and CMO.
By Alexandra Moulin

In Carmen Tal’s business path, the argan nut was the gold mine. A bad hair experience while on holidays in Israel made her discover the benefits of argan oil, a powerful antioxidant filled with fatty acids which had been used for centuries by Moroccan women to treat their hair. Ten years later, the company manufactures a full category of oil-infused hair care, as well as a body care collection and a sun protection line. The blue packaging seduces women of all origins who are searching for high-end professional quality products that are effective and easy to use.

What has surprised you most in this astounding business venture? Everything was a surprise – I could never have possibly imagined the success we have had and continue to experience! In the early years, I was solely focused on building the brand itself. We were extremely lucky to have this incredible and remarkably successful product, and we did not have the time to think of how small or large our brand would be. Today, we are a complete lifestyle beauty brand offering a luxurious oil-infused experience from head to toe, and we are now available in over 65 countries! Worldwide success is just a bonus of having this amazing brand.

What values did you manage to keep as your company was exponentially growing? We are proud to be a brand that listens to our consumers and what they want in a product, so we always research trends globally when we brainstorm our next products. For example, with our Color Complete Collection that just launched, we saw colour services were trending within our consumers. Colour is such an easy way to refresh your look, so we wanted to make sure that we have products that gives them the ability to do that while keeping their hair healthy and beautiful.

What kind of company do you consider to be running, and how do envision yourself as a boss? Moroccanoil is a family-based culture, even though it’s grown so much. I’m extremely hands-on in all of our departments, from Product Development to PR! As the Head of Marketing, I meet regularly with all of the division heads to make sure I’m up to date with all the projects that are going on. I like to be connected to the people that I work with; I consider myself to be someone that empowers people to be their best.

Do you manage to have some downtime or are you always connected to your work? People would probably be surprised that I have a very slow pace of life. I have learned the importance of making time for oneself and that my home is as important as my work. The key is moderation in everything that you do.

Who are your favourite fashion designers, and your typical work outfit? I discovered Georgine a few years ago and I’ve been buying their clothing ever since. They’re based in New York, made in Italy, and have gorgeous designs. They are now a partner of ours, and we help support their fashion shows/shoots in New York by providing stylists. I like so many styles – sometimes, I could be very tailored or bohemian. One thing I always wear is high heels!

Is there any woman whose success, talent, or conviction you specifically admire in the cosmetics field? I admire Lise Watier. Not only is she a key player in the Canadian cosmetics industry, she also goes above and beyond to help women achieve their dreams through her foundation.

Besides Moroccanoil, you have chosen to empower women to live their dreams and believe in themselves. Our main philanthropic platform, INSPIRED BY WOMEN™, exists to support existing charities and nonprofits through a short-film series examining what it means to be inspired. The initiative features powerful stories of passionate and courageous women who take confidence, compassion, and strength to a whole new level through their respective causes. We hope their incredibly moving stories and accomplishments will serve as the catalyst that inspires all women to let go of their fears, take a chance, and realize their dreams. When you empower women, the sky’s the limit!

I feel most inspired when I meet amazing women who have genuine passion and love for what they do and aren’t afraid to take risks! I find that passion is contagious, and I think it’s so important to be passionate about whatever it is that you do. [I’m enlivened by] women who inspire other women to follow their dreams and who are committed to making change for others.

In your opinion, is non-profit commitment a duty of any flourishing company? Definitely! Personally speaking, with all of our success it’s so incredibly important to us to give back. Our INSPIRED BY WOMEN™ platform is so much more than a campaign for us – it’s a lifelong project to celebrate, inspire, and empower women around the world.

Written on: October 1, 2018