Escape to the South of

Channel your inner Bardot and start packing: it’s time to experience a life of luxury on a stylish trip to the must-see fashion destinations in southern France.
By Marie-Ève Venne


Countless movies have made Nice the ultimate glamorous escape of the French countryside. This upscale boutique sells the ready-to wear designer items of your most fashionable dreams. You’ll find everything from Chloe to Jimmy Choo and Saint-Laurent, along with an impressive shoe selection. After a visit at Jean-Charles, you’ll be dressed to impress the most elegant people of the Côte d’Azur.


Aix-en-Provence, a small but legendary town that has inspired painters from all over the world, is still welcoming upmarket boutiques that never fail to catch tourists’ attention. In this spirit, the luxury, multi-brand boutique Muse is the perfect destination for fans of noble materials and elegant lines. Here, you will find a variety of clothes, leather goods, and designer accessories to discover at your leisure.


What many call one of France’s most illustrious cities, Bordeaux boasts a strong style and shopping scene. To max your credit card, head to the Golden Triangle (bordered by the Cours de l’Intendance, Allées de Tourny, and Cours Clemenceau), where you’ll find all the luxury brand names. If you are running short on time, we suggest you stop by Natacha, where you can find the latest Chanel and that Prada handbag that’s been on your wish list this whole season.





Written on: September 20, 2018