Over the past week, the world’s creative minds produced spectacles of fashion for a memorable haute couture affair. The collections ranged from slinky dresses to oversized gowns, finding inspiration in the old and new. It was a reminder of how far fashion has come, and the incredible talents at the core of the business.

Twice a year, Paris plays host to these lively events, each season bringing a refreshing new take on the artistry of design. As the industry becomes over-saturated with mass-produced clothes that often are cast aside into dark closet corners after only 6 months, couture acts as an important reminder that Fashion (yes, with a capital F) is wearable art. It is an integral part of our character, culture, history, and heritage. The pure existence of it is why we don’t just wear apparel – and God only knows how dreary that would be. At the base of all of this is couture: upscale, luxurious designs handmade with high-quality, expensive fabric through innovative methods that require extreme attention to detail. The ready-to-wear concept has only been around for half a century, whereas couture can be dated back to the mid-1800s, and perhaps even before then. This category is what created the lust, the fantasy of fashion; the magic that is created is why we fall in love with clothes in the first place.

We are sure you’ll agree with us when we say that this season did not disappoint. We’ve rounded up the notable looks, incredible shows, and exquisite trends for you to use as a cheat sheet for this week’s productions in Paris. Here is everything you need to know from Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2018/19.

Collections Worth Talking About


We loved the Bianca Jagger-inspired tuxedo suits, embellished with a little bit of sparkle.


Canada’s obsession with this Dutch designer has exponentially increased because of her impressive exhibit at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum. For fall, she was interested in merging biology with technology, experimenting with unique shapes and dazzling patterns that bring Van Herpen into a league of her own.


You can read our review here, but we’re gushing over the French fashion house’s latest haute couture production. The high slit skirts, the modern runway poses, and the beautiful backdrop of Parisian sidewalks were a dream come true.


Sonia Rykiel launched her label 50 years ago, and to celebrate this monumental anniversary, Julie de Libran hosted the first ever Sonia Rykiel couture collection. Taking inspiration from the atelier’s archives, de Libran put on one hell of a show.

Trend Spotting



Big silhouettes were everywhere this show week, from layers of coats at Maison Margiela to the pink mass of feathers Kaia Gerber wore at Valentino. There’s no doubt Rihanna will pick up a few of these pieces for some of her next show-stopping red carpet moments.



Couture is bringing the summer heat into the fall with bright pink everything, from accents to entire ball gowns. The powder millennial shade popularized by Glossier has been turned up a notch.



Feathers are the new fur it seems, as they were spotted on every catwalk this season. Let your creative fashionista fly free.



Modern-day couture is taking the avant-garde and giving it sex appeal. Black tulle and sheer dresses flounced around in many shows this week, and they certainly caught our eye.



Hat hair is taking on an entirely different meaning with the recent hair accessories and headdresses of couture, from bridal veils to acid-hued nylons to a full animal disguise.



The Markle Era has only begun, and jewel tones and regal influences have been decorating the runways like gems on a crown. If only we could see the Duchess of Sussex herself sporting haute couture at her next official outing.



Fashion is incredibly nostalgic, which is probably why so many new designers look to the archives to dig up treasured inspiration for their latest collection. It’s like vintage, but you can buy from Barneys.


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