Because there is nothing worse than a bored mind and an empty stomach, we’ve pre-screened the new kids on the block for you, selecting only the best new eateries and happenings in the city.


La Maison Lavande

You close your eyes for a minute and you take the time to smell the intoxicating smell coming from the lavender bushes surrounding you. For a moment, you can almost believe you are in Provence, on a well-deserved vacay. You open your eyes and suddenly remember that you are still in Canada at La Maison Lavande. You smile, get in line to grab one of their delicious lavender frozen yogourt and enjoy the moment. You can’t wait to come back one last time, before the end of the flowering in July.


Joiea Sociale

Two years ago, I had that super smart idea to spend one month in Florence doing nothing else than eat and drink – and do some tourist sightseeing because, hey, I needed to walk after all that food. That is when I fell madly in love with the aperitivo culture, which is basically all about a pre-meal drink specifically meant to whet your appetite and the delicious bites that go with it. Which also means that I am particularly picky when it comes time to find a place to enjoy it, and oh boy, Joiea Sociale didn’t disappoint. They offer all kind of varieties, from the classic charcuteries to pizza, while delivering what must have been the best gnocchi I’ve had in a while (made with ricotta instead of the classic potatoes).




Daiquiri Day

There is something magical that happens when all your favourite bars decide to create a special drink – from $11 to $15 – for National Daiquiri Day, and by that I mean having plenty of reasons to spend your day enjoying tasty drinks. From Cloakroom Bar’s “Pinaquiri” to Atwater Cocktail Club’s “Ghost Daiquiri,” without forgetting La Mal Nécessaire’s “No Waste #2.” and El Pequēno’s “Not Your Hemmingway,” you can treat yourself to something boozy and delicious.


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