Facial Oils: A New

Seemingly overnight, there was an explosion of facial oils, a multi-tasking product that promises to achieve various results like nourishing, glow inducing, balancing, and brightening of the skin. Packed with ingredients, with some boasting dozens of botanicals and price points to match (i.e the famed Vitner’s Daughter), there is an eye watering amount of oils on the market. Available for all skin types, oils are a little misunderstood (oil for oily skin?) and still debated (rosehip or marula?), but with a little research there is no doubt the perfect face oil out there for you.

By Lauren Walker-Lee

From niche and clean to big name brands and everything in between, face oils are quickly becoming a beauty routine staple. The versatility of the product has the power to work in myriad ways, assisting with hydration, anti-inflammation, and giving you that coveted glow. The composition of the oil and its ingredient list will be unique to the skincare need and goal, making it a product category that is rich with options that will go the distance.

To get a little insight on favourite oils and the friend or foe debate, we made a couple calls to see where our beauty expert friends stood on this wide ranging product.


Makeup Artist – Nate Matthews @beautybynate

“I love using face oils whenever I can and finding ways to incorporate it into makeup. Mixing a drop into foundation is a great way to add a bit of extra dewiness to the skin, especially in the winter when your skin is already a bit on the drier side. I love F. Miller and Amandine Sol Botanicals, both Canadian companies. ”

Facialist – Toru Miyake @facesbytoru

“Oils are a very debated topic. In terms of skin health I think it’s important to understand that skin as an organ produces its own natural oil. Adding oils can and will help those who are naturally dry, or those who are going through repair for stressed skin, eczema, acne, burns or over exfoliation for example, and will help to speed up the repair process. For those with a healthy oil and hydration balance, choosing the type of oil that is not comedogenic is key because in reality, they don’t actually need it that much.  So those with oily skin can look for ingredients that are light and antibacterial to avoid creating acne if they really want to use it.”



Herbivore Lapis Balancing Facial Oil

Oil for oily skin seems counter intuitive but this luxurious formula is made with 100 percent natural and pure plant oils to thoroughly hydrate skin without clogging pores so that it can stop producing excess oil and find the balance it needs. A hydrating face oil to balance skin while improving visible redness and blemishes. $94 at Sephora





Rodial Pink Diamond Lifting Oil

Rodial has done it again with their Pink Diamond offering. The brand who brought us Bee Venom introduces us to a velvety, lightweight yet powerful and fast-absorbing oil to visibly lift, plump and smooth the complexion. Formulated with Diamond Powder and 2% lifting complex to tighten skin for a rejuvenated look.  $105 at Shopper’s Drug Mart



F. Miller Balance Protect Glow Face Oil

This Toronto based skincare brand offers a nutrient-dense foundational layer that delivers multi-correctional results. This potent yet lightweight multi-tasking blend of 22 active botanicals leaves skin visibly hydrated, nourished and glowing from within. $110 at FMiller Skincare 

Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil

Arguably the original Queen of skin and the no make-up make-up look, Laura Mercier has created a fast-absorbing oil that leaves skin with a healthy glow – soft, radiant and renewed. A true multi-tasker, this product can also be used on cuticles and split ends. $85 at Laura Mercier




Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate & Glow

Given the Clean at Sephora stamp of approval, this ultra-enriched, flash-absorbing face oil is packed with rare super berry antioxidants that leaves skin velvety soft, hydrated, and glowing. $58 at Sephora


Amandine Sol Botanicals Inner Glow

Inner Glow Face Oil is a blend of botanicals and essential oils that produce a multi-correctional result. Inner Glow is formulated to restore brightness and texture, to reveal a youthful and glowing complexion and plump fine lines. $120 at Amandine Botanicals



Beautycounter No. 1 Brightening Oil

Get your daily radiance boost with this citrus-scented facial oil that quickly absorbs and penetrates skin to awaken and replenish. Lightweight and silky smooth, their proprietary blend of oils is designed to help hydrate and improve the appearance of skin radiance.  $85 at Beautycounter


Lead image – Courtesy of F.Miller Skincare

Written on: March 9, 2020