Dive into a world of excess, mystery, and glam. Inspired by the ’90s notorious and iconic New York church-turned-club, LimeLight, faith delves into the mystical shadows and vibrant looks of a golden era of glittering extravagance and lavishness.

fashion editorial faith
Photographer Chris Nicholls
Fashion Editor Peter Papapetrou

model modelling stain glass

model modelling stained glass

model photoshoot stained glass

model modelling in a church

Photographer Chris Nicholls
Fashion Editor Peter Papatetrou at PLUTINO GROUP
Stylist Assistant Kat Flanagan at PLUTINO GROUP
Model Elizabeth Thompson at ELITE MODELS
Makeup Grace Lee at PLUTINO GROUP
Hair Kristjan Hayden at PLUTINO GROUP
Set Design Leanne Kelly at PLUTION GROUP
Retouching Lorca Moore

Written on: September 12, 2019