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For this week’s Fashion Flashback, we look back at the icon herself: Brigitte Bardot. The embodiment of French chicness mixed with sex appeal, Bardot could pull off a demure ’50s dress just as well as she could a sexy curve-hugging swimsuit. As the summer rages on, we look back at her best bombshell looks.

           —By Luisa Tarantino

Brigitte Bardot went through a number of different styles, but each of her fashion phases was figure-flattering and feminine, yet youthful and stylish. She embraced her body, becoming a symbol of the sexual revolution of the ’60s and ’70s, and her smokey eyeliner and tousled blonde hair gave her that effortless yet seductive edge. Although many of her looks were a product of the trends of the time, they not only inspired the fashion of the decades to come, but they are also easily transferrable, reflecting current trends and looks even now.

As the July weather continues to be scorching hot, we thought we’d look at some of Bardot’s best beach-side looks. The symbol of female confidence, we’re choosing to look back at this sexy ’60s/’70s Bardot due to her unapologetic acceptance of her body, and the importance of embracing the female form during decades as important as the ’60s and’70s. Even more — there’s power in feeling comfortable and attractive in one’s skin, regardless of ‘imperfections’ (whatever that means), especially in garments as revealing as swimwear or beachwear.

Plus, from flowy kaftans and off-the-shoulder dresses to form-hugging high-waisted two-piece matching swimsuits, we’d definitely still wear the Bardot beach look. She’s responsible for popularizing what is now our ubiquitous beach-side wear (two-piece swimsuits, tousled beach-side waves, and sexy, colourful cover-ups), having had taken plenty of holidays to the French Riviera and plenty of appearances at Cannes. The city of St.Tropez even erected a statue in her honour in 2017, as well as an exhibition about the starlet’s love affair with the city and its beaches.

We invite you to embrace your inner Bardot — here’s some inspo for your next (safe, socially-distanced) beach trip.

brigitte bardot

Bardot in 1975

brigitte bardot

Brigitte Bardot in Her Saint-Tropez Estate La Madrague, In Saint-Tropez, France, In August 1967. Photo by Jean-Pierre Bonnotte

Brigitte Bardot

Bardot in Saint Tropez. Photo by Jean-Pierre Bonnotte

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot photographed by Ghislain Dussart

Brigitte Bardot

In a club in Saint Tropez ’60s.


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Written on: July 18, 2020