Meet the colour of the future, the very near future, neo-mint. The clean and fresh, S/S 2020 hue fuses technology with nature and gives a flair of futuristic design, scientific innovation and environmental sensibility.

Story by Azamit
Words by Maya Assouad 

WGSN, the popular trend forecasting company, based on the current cultural, economic, social and possibly political climates, announced early on that neo-mint will be particularly popular in the coming year.


Skillfully determined, the right trends can evoke strong emotional responses that often play a critical role in the success of products and designs. Colour has always been an important and powerful selling tool, particularly relevant in the design world and the fashion industry. Colour forecasting, a process that depends heavily on research, observation and intuition and almost always psychology, delivers choices that affect entire seasons and ensuing collections and projects.

The 2020 forecast, described as a gender-neutral, youthful colour, evokes breezy summer days and imagery of clear, transparent sea waters. Imbued with optimism and a cutting edge mood, this crisp tone of green, in a way represents a new digital decade that promises sensational leaps in information technology and revolutionary advancement. Today’s futuristic reality of artificial intelligence is also marked by the dangerously terrifying decline of our natural habitat and its resources. Neo-mint represents a bridge between both worlds, our current awareness of the changing relationship with the environment due to advanced technologies and aiming to strike and preserve the perfect balance between them.


Written on: December 1, 2019