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If the past five months have taught us anything at all, it’s that almost everything can be done online. Other than a handful of essential services, which were highlighted very quickly, and for which we are very grateful, we adapted to the change of a more digital world.  We began to virtually participate in various aspects of our lives that were once believed to be only possible IRL. We successfully pivoted, reframed our beliefs, and welcomed a new normal at lightning speed. Zoom anyone?

By Lauren Walker-Lee

While at home, we learned that you don’t necessarily need to commute to work to be productive (or profitable), that many doctor’s appointments could be taken over the phone, and absolutely everything could be delivered. But it was one industry that really took the bull by the horns and proved that online is no joke: Health and Fitness. Back in March and seemingly overnight, fitness studios and instructors took their classes online, and subscriptions to existing digital fitness platforms skyrocketed. Another swift lesson was learning where we fell on the health scale. The pandemic had everyone very quickly taking stock of their own baseline health, immune systems, and strength — a very sobering exercise that had many logging on to cook for immunity, downloading meditation apps, and trying a new workout. 

One company was already poised for this uptick in the online experience, not only in fitness but in overall wellness, mental health, and nutrition.  It was like Anahana Wellness had a crystal ball knowing where the collective consciousness was headed. Officially launched in early June by ex-Wall Street trader Clint Johnson, the Anahana Wellness community and digital platform is comprised of a team of expert advisors who work with clients to create custom plans that support them on their individual wellness journey. This could be anything from one-on-one yoga and pilates classes to custom nutrition plans and sessions with mental health professionals or any mix required at any time.  It’s this holistic approach to mind, body, soul that leads to optimal health and happiness. 


The term health is wealth has risen in popularity, and Anahana has made this mantra their MO. Their unique approach to wellness uses a similar and strategic approach to that of financial planning, whereby they believe in building a wellness portfolio that is set up for long term health and wellness returns. This ROI approach once reserved for the finance and business sectors prioritizes health as an asset, being proactive to live longer. A great line on their website reads, “You wouldn’t wait for a market crash before considering the impact on your investment portfolio.” In essence, you would not wait for illness or an accident before seriously investing proactively in your health.

Going way beyond the typical fitness offering, Anahana creates a portfolio of wellness channels that includes meditation, sleep hygiene, fight or flight support, mindfulness and stress management should you need. Health management plans are tailor-made, for the individual, just like that of a wealth management plan. Individual needs receive individualized regimes, and refreshingly, there are a few things that can be done without a monetary investment. Anahana Wellness believes in starting small and starting smart, with three things they call their keystones. And you guessed it — they are free to everyone!  I urge you to take a look at their breathing techniques, and give it a go. Better breathing will reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance performance, and even put you in a better mood.  In fact, when asked what someone should do first on their wellness journey, the experts at Anahana said breathing, quite contrary to implementing a slew of new changes. Simply mastering breathing is the first strep before introducing further activities.  

While we would all like the quick fix, there are very few magic pills in health and wellness that lead to lasting results. Wellness is a long-term game and though living a healthy lifestyle is actually very simple, it’s not as easy as one would hope. This idea of an overall wellness concierge of advisors and coaches can help with where to begin on the path to better health with adjustments made along the way, based on unique goals and the various realities of life. Though we all wish the crystal ball existed, we cannot predict the future. Investing in your mind, body, and soul, prepares you for whatever the world may throw at you.


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Written on: September 2, 2020