All about the hair products we always finish!

I have a slight obsession with my hair which makes me buy way too many products, simply because of all the buzz surrounding them. This means that I have wasted a lot of money on products which are currently sitting in my bathroom after having failed to keep their promises.

Luckily, some of these hair products work so well that I wish there was a way to rise monuments in celebration of their awesomeness. The following products are all great and work exactly how they should, they’re the bomb!


DAVINES Oi Shampoo -$28



I hate two-in-one products and I strongly believe that we should always use a conditioner for the best, shiniest hair. When it comes to Davine Oi Shampoo however, it works just as amazing as it smells! It makes all the frizziness in my hair disappear and leaves it looking and feeling super smooth and light. The minimal and super sleek design of the bottle is a plus as it looks really good on my top shelf.

TRESSEMÉ Extra Hold Hairspray -$7.99



Proof that a good hair product doesn’t necessarily need to be super expensive to work, this hair spray by Tresemmé is the only one that holds my hair in place through wind and humidity without making me look like Tracy Turnblad.


AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Mosturizing Oil – $29

A good oil for your hair will do way more than just add a little shine. It has to be as natural as possible to penetrate the hair fibers. Aveda offers the best dry hair remedy around, and has been my secret weapon against bad hair days for 2 year now!

SHU UEMURA Color Lustre Mask Treatment – $66



I am obsessed with the smell of this mask! The strong scent of wild English roses makes me feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel, while the magic ingredients in it take care of my super dry locks of hair. After the rinse, my hair shines like a damn Rihanna song, and is hydrated without becoming greasy.


DRYBAR Detox Dry Shampoo – $23



I am still emotional over the fact that this dry shampoo mysteriously disappeared from the office bathroom a few months ago. It was the only product able to give some volume to my hair without leaving white powdered residue all over it. Rest in peace perfect dry shampoo, I hope you are taking good care of someone else’s hair wherever you are!


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