This coming season, the natural look is trendy. We work with the right materials, effects, and textures to give hair some movement and a natural touch. As far as the cuts and lengths are concerned, here’s what you can expect to see.

By Olivier Miotto

bangs haircut


Fringes are the hit of the season! Thick fringes, light fringes, whatever is best for you.

slicked back hair style

Very in-vogue this season, and perhaps an absolute must, is hair slicked back to show off the face. Embrace the wet look with glossiness on top to keep every hair in place.

light brown hair colour

Blonde contouring effects are accentuating the face, but, this season, we’re seeing more and more nice touches of brown.

baby hair hair style

Those small hairs growing around the face are definitely on-trend right now. Even though we usually try to hide them or push them back, we’re doing things differently this season. Try pushing them forward, for once, to create a very natural look.

short cut haircuts

Tomboy-ish, shaved, and short haircuts are definitely in this season, elevated to even higher levels of fashion with shades of pastel coral pink.

classic bob hairstyle

The classic bob will have full-length bases and very limited shading and can be styled either wavy, textured, straight, voluminous, rounded, or with a line on the side.

hair accessories hairstyles

This season is all about lots and lots of hairbands and pins! Accessorize to your heart’s content.

Written on: September 17, 2019