Gift Guide: Made in Canada


You don’t have to travel far to find high-quality holiday gifts when your local brands are making some of the best products in the market right now. Home to a myriad of inventive, remarkable artisans, these local Canada brands sell one-of-a-kind products and pieces of art that are an excellent addition to any home. For the home décor and interior design enthusiast in your life (even if it’s you), here are some of this season’s best home décor gifts, all made from local Canadian companies that should definitely be on your radar, available at Le Magasin Général

By Luisa Tarantino


Candles from Ruby Brown

Based in Montreal, Ruby Brown sells high-quality fragrances, candles, and private label services. After working as a model in Paris, Ruby fell in love with perfume and took an intensive course through the internationally-renown PerfumersWorld before returning to Montreal to bring her mastery of the art of perfume to the mainstream and start her own private label in 2012. Today, she makes long-lasting, high-quality products and is even a perfumer to the stars.

For your friends that love and collect candles, consider getting a Ruby Brown candle. With an extensive collection of unique scents every season, Ruby Brown’s candles are soy-wax based and contain 14% of concentrated perfume, promise 60 hours of burning time, and have a sleek, unisex design that add a touch of sophistication to any space. To give your loved one a little taste of sunshine during this cold holiday season, Flower Power is sure to add some warmth to their life. Consisting of a warm blend of mimosa and musk, this candle will transport you to the South of France. Similarly, Minuit Marrakesh’s citusy notes will take you on a foreign voyage. For a more festive scent, the Rudolph candle will bring an air of crisp nature to your space, while the Ruby Oriental adds a warm, woody vanilla touch.


Linen Sheets from Maison Tess

If you’re looking to buy from a brand that has transparency and fair trade as a top priority, Maison Tess is sure to deliver. Designed in Montreal and produced by a 4th generation Portuguese manufacturer, Maison Tess’ goal is to provide consumers with premium-quality products in complete transparency by cutting out the middle man and working with the best high-end fabrics. They design their products with a mission in mind: that your home should reflect your true self. Combining style and comfort, Maison Tess’ linen sheets are made to match your personality and your lifestyle.

Coming in a variety of stunning colours, from beautiful pastels to vibrant warmer shades, these linen sheets will complement any décor. In fact, they’re sure to be an upgrade to your current bedroom, adding a touch of colour, personality, and elegance. For an easy gift, gift a set of sheets or single sheets to your loved ones, whether they have a more minimalist home or a more artsy, colourful apartment. No matter the personality of your giftee, Maison Tess will have something to suit them!



Ceramic Sets from DOMPIERRE

Sold in boutiques across Montreal and New York, DOMPIERRE’s designer, Marie-Eve Dompierre, offers modern designs that are simple yet refined. Paying attention to consumers’ experiences and contact with the objects she makes, DOMPIERRE pays a lot of attention to the lines, shapes, textures, and colours of each of their designs.

For the Instagram obsessed in your life, DOMPIERRE’s ceramic sets are about aesthetically pleasing as it gets. For the friend that just moved into their new place and needs new a dishware set, DOMPIERRE has beautiful ceramic cups in white and gold that are sure to add some flair to kitchen sets and future dinner parties. Their gold and white “Le Petit Prince” sets are simple yet elegant and sophisticated, with gold drip details that are testament to their quality craftsmanship. For your friend that’s always on the go and driven by caffeine, DOMPIERRE’s portable ceramic coffee cups are also handcrafted, and are sturdy enough to keep a coffee warm and safe.


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Porcelain Dishware from Porcelaines Bousquet   

Founded by artist Louise Bousquet and partner François Godier, Porcelaines Bousquet has been around for more than a decade, with the goal of creating impeccable white pottery pieces. Made with a quality craftsmanship according to the highest quality standards of porcelain making, Porcelaines Bousquet are made to adapt comfortably to everyday use. Having an incredibly extensive catalogue of refined fine-pottery, Porcelaines Bousquet has something for everyone.

If you want to gift a loved one a quality piece of pottery that they can still use everyday, Bousquet’s simple, refined cups and bowls are sure to get good use. A pure white, they will match any and all sets your loved ones may already own. For the one in your life who loves and appreciates well-made products, you can’t go wrong with Bousquet’s craftsmanship.


Furniture from Elements de Base

Designed in Montreal, Elements de Base is a sustainable furniture company that seeks to inspire creative interiors through stylish, renewable, and locally designed products that cater to all budgets. With their products sold entirely online (and at our pop-up store), Elements de Base ensures that they control their own production, prices, and sustainability initiatives. Elements de Base’s furniture is contemporary, modern, and stylish, made to suit a variety of interiors and tastes.

If you have a friend who loves a good statement piece, Elements de Base’s couches adorn any room. Their Dive collection of couches and sectionals, which come in a stunning shade of velvet dark blue as well as other warm and pastel shades, are not only visually beautiful, but are sure to deliver that perfect “potato couch comfort.” Give the gift of comfort this holiday season – your giftee will be thanking you!


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Homeware from Benedetta Covanti

A Montreal-based textile and homeware studio, Benedetta Covanti makes bold collections of fabrics, cushions, and furnitures that embody strength and beauty. Inspired by the history of textiles in Italy and having inherited a love for textiles from her Italian grandmother, Covanti pairs her original hand-drawn designs with Canada’s top digital technologies. Having studied in Milan and worked with luxury brands such as Fendi and Valentino, Covanti is an award-winning textile designer with unique, high-quality designs.

For a loved one looking to beautify their space, Covanti’s pieces add a touch of colour and refinement to a space. Her beautifully designed cushion covers are vibrant and made from quality materials. Sure to add some light and freshness to a room, Covanti has designs sure to suit both masculine and feminine tastes and a wide range of decor.


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Lamps from Lampes D’Armes

Founded in 2016,  D’Armes studio offers high-end lighting that has a keen focus on design, combining a mastery of art and technology that likewise takes into consideration societal implications and the effect light has on us. D’Armes designs are clean, sophisticated, and contemporary, pairing bronze accents with natural stone to create timeless and elegant pieces. Designed and produced by hand in their workshop in Montreal, the quality and texture of the light put the care given to the choice of technologies and materials at the forefront of their brand.

Add some light to a loved one’s life (literally) by investing in a D’Armes piece. Their ‘Cé’ suspended light fixtures add a beautiful warm luminosity to a room, and can be purchased in more than one size to suit your needs. Even more, D’Armes pieces look like works of art, so buying a D’Armes light fixture is like buying two gifts!


Glassware from Maison Yiliy

With every piece handmade in Montreal, Maison Yiliy uses handblown glass, vintage images or original works of art, and a decoupage method  for its designs. Maison Yiliy sees its work as whimsical works of art that are collectible, allowing them and their consumers to be as creative as possible. Maison Yiliy’s glassware bring art and different images and compositions to life from a variety of themes coming in a range of sizes and shapes.

For your quirkier loved ones, who also love art and collectible items, small glassware from Yiliy is a perfect, unique little gift, made to match their personality or interests. Get a paperweight or a cute glassware piece that could serve as decoration. With glassware with images ranging from all sorts of themes from animals to quotations, you’re sure to find something to suit your loved one’s one-of-a kind personality and taste.


If you’re in the midst of holiday shopping, all of these products from these incredible designers are available at our pop-up store, Le Magasin Général at 9415 Boulevard Leduc, Suite 5 at Le Blok in Quartier Dix30. Click here to learn more or call us at 450-926-3539

Written on: December 9, 2019