The fact that picnic season is almost over is no reason to automatically jump into a less festive mood or to feel dragged down by the weight of new obligations. To help you keep your head out of the water, we have gathered some tips to simplify your life this Autumn.


Save some time cooking thanks to SKIP

As one of the fastest-growing food delivery company on the continent, SkipTheDishes processes millions of orders a month, allowing people to easily have access to restaurants to order from. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone and entered your location, you can browse through different local eateries delivering to your address. You can even pick the time of the delivery, allowing you to plan ahead your night before coming back home.


Keep your hair healthy with Redken

Even if the sunny days are almost gone, the damages they leave on your hair are not that easy to get rid off. This is why Redken is offering products for every hair type, from curly to chemically treated ones. The All Soft Mega mask is the perfect solution for dry and brittle hair, being a two in one hair mask that is both an intense conditioner and a care extender. It will restore the shine in your hair, along with making them stronger and ready for the cold days.


Toast Your Friends With J.P. Wiser’s

We all have that one special person in our life that truly deserves to be celebrated for making everything better and easier. The Canadian whisky brand J.P. Wiser’s believes that friends should be held high and this why they recently launched their ‘Hold It High’ campaign where they collected over 1,000 toast submissions from people across the country who wanted to toast their friends for Canada to see, by holding them high, on billboards and transit ads across the country. Today, 165 of the unique custom toasts are held high on billboards and transit ads across the country, and up to 80 radio spots also play toast submissions on radio stations across Canada. You still have the chance to thank your friend via, where you can write your custom toast and share it on social media


Build The Minimalist Wardrobe of Your Dreams With Aritzia

It’s been five years since Aritzia opened its first store in Montreal and our lives haven’t been the same ever since. Thanks to the Canadian brand, we now know that it’s possible to keep things simple and efficient when it’s time to dress up, as long as you pick trendy and quality items of clothing. Since Aritizia does transitional dressing like no other, don’t hesitate to take a look at their puffers, long-sleeve blouses, comfy vests and perfects LBD. The brand is definitely hitting all the must-haves!


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