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In this new series, we asked our in-the-know friends to give us  a glimpse inside their favourite cities, adopted hometowns, and current locations. These Insider Guides will take you on a specially guided tour, stopping at our guest’s favourite spots, and hidden gems in food, drink, shopping, art and culture. Our collection of taste makers, artists, designers, and creative professionals will show you around their city, giving a local perspective that might not otherwise make it on the map so to speak.

By Lauren Walker- Lee 

Goldilox , Musician – Paris @yunggoldilox

The gorgeous Goldilox is a singer songwriter and musician from the east coast of Canada who took her creative childhood aspirations on the road to find success. After spending time in Vancouver and Los Angeles, releasing music digitally, and guesting with artists like Diplo and Steve Aoki, Goldilox herself turned to DJ-ing. Expressing herself in this new format and touring Paris as a result, we asked Goldilox to show us around her new adopted home town-  the city of lights.

On why she loves Paris:

“i love people with unapologetic personalities and if paris was a person, it would be bluntly honest, intelligent, inspiring, and a bit of a lush. paris is encouraging to the creative mind. things you might deem as basic in other cities are simply magical here. going for a walk, drinking red wine by la seine. you’ll find yourself taking your time, being inspired and romantic over life’s simple pleasures.”


Restaurants, Cafes, & Bars



Le Train Bleu
Le Train Bleu is a restaurant located in Gare de Lyon railway station. I recommend taking the metro there. That way you have a very cool juxtaposition. One minute you’re in a crowded metro with an old french man blowing his nose dangerously close to you and the next you’re stepping into a painting from the 1900s. I was living in Paris only a few months when I saw my imaginary gal pal Solange Knowles was in town. She took a photo at this place and I was blown away. Pro-tip: now that you’ve blown all your money on the first two places I recommended, you should go to the Train Bleu wearing a cool outfit and order tea. Take some photos for Instagram and get the heck out of there. Beware: Parisians don’t enjoy blatant selfie-ing anywhere. So just keep a low profile.


Caviar Kaspa
Ok, so you’ll need to enjoy caviar to go here. However, I would argue that if you hadn’t tried caviar before this would be an amazing first experience. I recommend getting the caviar-trio with a glass of champagne and a carafe of vodka. This way if your company gets boring, it won’t matter – you’ll be very drunk. Also order the giant Bellini’s. Don’t worry, those are drenched in butter.. and just to be sure you get a vegetable in there. Order the baked potato. It’s divine. Lastly yet equally as important, the entire restaurant is a beautiful turquoise blue with wood crown molding. I have been twice. I wore a vintage black dress with giant white flowers and oversized fake diamonds. If there was ever a place dress up, this would be it.

Crazy Horse
One word: SEX! Ladies and gentlemen this might be the best 100 euros you ever spend. Crazy Horse is a burlesque club in the 8th arrondissement, surrounded by a plethora of beautiful hotels. I recommend going here with your partner after dinner or with a crew of friends. Whether you’re gay, straight or other, this show will make you want to have sex. Very oohlala, yet totally classy. The girls perform extraordinary dance numbers to fresh jazzy versions of songs like Britney Spears’ Toxic. I have been 4 times and I would go again.


Goldilox in Paris


Cultural Landmarks, Museums, Art Galleries


This is the church I go to. It’s a newer church in Parisian standards built in 1914. It’s in my neighbourhood, and it’s open everyday from 6am-11pm, so if Sunday Mass isn’t your thing you can always stop in for ten minutes to think, thank or just be.


Jardin des Tuileries
A beautiful 17th-century formal garden dotted with statues. I have spent many a spring afternoons having picnics with my girlfriends there. Something I love about Paris is that you can go to the park, bring a bottle of wine, maybe some skinny cigarettes and just hang out all afternoon.


Paul Bert Serpette & Marche au Puces
Need a bed frame from the 1800s? Maybe some vintage rings? This area is brimming with antiques and vintage stores from every era, selling pretty much everything. I bought my dining room table here as well as a collection of sea shells to hold my jewelry in.


Boutiques and Shopping Areas 


Nice Piece
I love vintage. It’s a great way to spend less and have better quality clothing. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party wearing the exact same yellow suit from Zara as someone else. Been there, done that. This store has a massive collection of beautifully curated clothing. They are always playing cool music and the owner is super helpful. I have purchased many pieces here for my music videos and performances.

Or as I like to call it “Church.” This store has all the luxury and all the outfit inspo you’ll ever need.


Chez Snow Bunny

A vintage store for all your rich Jersey-mob-wife meets Paris street-style needs. I love the way boss babe Victoria Sapet puts together looks like a high end JPG corset with a pair of juicy couture sweats. I love going here when I need a fun outfit for djing.

Wellness Spots

Blanche 21
A gym but make it Parisian. I’ve been going to this gym for the past year. If there’s something you should know about Paris, it’s that it’s hard to find a good gym. A lot of the gyms here are old, stinky and the equipment was purchased in the early 1900s. Blanche 21 is new, it smells new and has great equipment as well as a beautiful pool, sauna, hanmam, and a really really great restaurant called BB Blanche upstairs. My favourite morning routine is working out, going for a steam and then doing emails over lunch at the restaurant.


Elephant Paname
This is a beautiful dance studio located near the Palais Garnier. When I think of taking a ballet class in Paris, this is the venue I’d imagine. I also rent out the studios when I am rehearsing for a show or music video. Lots of space, mirrors and giant windows to overlook the Paris skyline.

Goldie's perfect saturday schedule

9am : Wake up listening to Erroll Garner
10am: Coffee and Croissant at : Un Thé Dans Le Jardin
12pm: Grocery & Window Shopping at : Le Bon Marché
3pm: A Hydra facial at: Paris Aesthetic Institute (See Adi, she’s the best)
5pm: Apero-time! Have a nice glass of Chablis or Apreo Sprtiz w some french cheeses on the terrace at :Maison Maison
9pm: Dinner at : Derriere – Talk to Gigi the manager, she’ll make sure you order all the right dishes and drinks!
1am: Lets dance and order great cocktails at one of my favorite places : Hotel Bourbon. I would love to explain more but my nights there have been relatively blurry;)
3am: Go to bed, drunk and happy

10am: Church. You know why

Written on: December 2, 2019