Sustainability and the New Normal with

We chatted with the singer about sustainability and the new normal during quarantine in preparation of the launch of DTK’s Couture Mask Collection Campaign.

           —By Marie-Ève Venne

I met Annie Sama for the first time 11 years ago. On a hot summer day in June, I was doing some shopping in Downtown Montreal when I bumped into a fashion stylist friend of mine. She was accompanied by a young and graceful artist looking to find the perfect outfits for her first videoclip.

“You have to hear her voice. It’s amazing. She is definitely going to make it one day,” my friend told me.

Fast forward to a few years later and Annie Sama is now a well-known face in the music industry. From music to visual arts, dance to fashion: she embodies  the term ‘multidisciplinary’. Driven by her thirst to show the world what Quebec has to offer, she acts as a brilliant spokesperson and she keeps on making her mark across the borders. 

Though she is best known in Quebec, she has been making a name for herself on the international music and fashion scene for some time. Mentioned in Vogue magazine last year as one of the 10 “most interesting young artists,” the singer has collaborated with major key players in the fashion industry such as Patricia Field and the French luxury house Chloé.

She even launched her first EP, Clear, in 2018, on which she pursued her explorations in electronic music with an avant-garde pop sound, flirting squarely with melodies similar to those of M.I.A. and Grimes.

“I had to take a break and rethink what  my purpose as an artist was, mostly regarding the way I could impact the environment on the sustainability front. I’ve always been vocal about my love for high fashion and how fast fashion is killing the industry, but also our planet. If I buy a pair of black pants at $800 but the quality is excellent, I am going to be able to keep them almost forever and I will actually save money and not produce a ridiculous amount of waste,” she explains during our Zoom meeting.

All smiles, her face is an indicator of how seriously she takes the idea of educating people on sustainability. Knowing her passion for the topic, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Dress To Kill picked her to be the face of its high fashion face masks created by the designer, and friend of the singer, Cinthya Chalifoux. (You can discover our Couture Mask Collection on our store!)

“I had to have a talk with Cinthya when she asked me to be the face of this project. I wanted to make sure that the masks were worth the price and to understand how they were made. I like how comfortable they are and also the fact that they are waterproof, which totally protects from bacteria droplets. But most importantly, they totally met my criteria of sustainability, being good for months of usage comparable to others’ durability,” declares Annie.

Tackling the subject of COVID-19, she quickly jumps to the subject of the day of the photoshoot for the masks campaign.

annie samaannie sama

“I’m not going to lie; I was nervous the day of the photoshoot. It was my first time going to something that felt more normal, such as a photoshoot, but I was also thinking of all the possible risks. On set, we were all wearing a mask while staying at a respectable distance from each other. The makeup artist was wearing gloves and constantly disinfecting his brushes. It was a closed set, but we all had to have a talk together before the shoot and we had to make sure no one had been in contact with someone that could have been at risk over the last two weeks. Never did such a familiar situation feel so unfamiliar,” she posits.

“But it was a fantastic experience overall. After a long hibernation period, it was like we were taking back the control over our city. Especially since the vision of Sylvain,the photographer on the shoot and co-founder of Dress To Kill, was all about featuring the architectural beauty of Montreal, something that I have also been doing for a while through my videoclips,” declares Annie.

Listening to her, you can’t help but admire how she approaches everything from a positive mind set. It’s like she can’t help but see the best of every situation.

“When I was younger, my grandfather always told me that in life, you cannot stay focused on the past if you want to really live. You have to be present in the moment, while keeping in mind what the future might hold for you, but mostly for the generations after you. And that is something that has followed me to this day. Maybe the decisions that I am making now, mostly regarding the environment and the planet, won’t have an impact on my life in the next few years, but they might impact  someone’s else life in a near future,” explains Annie.

These days, while working on new music that she is producing herself at home, Annie is also thinking about ways to give back to people that deserve more attention.


“I want to feature people that are doing their part to make this world a better place on my social media platforms every week. Right now, more than ever, we need to be reminded that some good is happening in the world.”

Tune in this Sunday May 31 at 6:30 PM on Annie Sama’s Instagram stories, where she will perform a few songs as a part of a set of live performances for the Mental Health Awareness Month.

Written on: May 31, 2020