For many people, Chrissy Metz doesn’t need any presentation. For four years now, she has been making us feel a wide range of emotions as Kate Pearson in the series This Is Us. 

—By Marie-Ève Venne

Born on September 29, 1980 in Florida, she was initially destined for a career as a teacher. Her destiny changes when Chrissy accompanies her half-sister to a casting. She is spotted by an agent and moves to Los Angeles to launch her career.

In the following years, she shoots in a few series, before being absent from the sets due to an illness. She returns in 2014, where she obtains a recurring role in the series American Horror Story. She also appeared in a few films before her career really took off with her performance as Kate Pearson in the hit series This Is Us in 2016, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Now, it’s time for Chrissy to re-introduce herself to her fans and public as a singer.

“I was discovered at a Holiday Inn, which is a small little hotel in Gainesville, and I didn’t think any of this was going to ever happen. I just sort of dreamt about it in my bedroom. And then I became my agent’s assistant and became an agent for nine years. And then this, you know, the show obviously happened and changed my life completely. Now, I’m at a place where I just feel like I’m secure enough to expose my heart and my soul in a way that I never was confident enough to before. And there’s also a drive that I never had before. And not because I want anything from it, but because I just feel like I have to do it” explains Chrissy.

Back in September, she released the single Feel Good, following the previously released tracks Actress, Talking To God and I’m Standing With You. The song is mostly about the moment Metz realized she had to stop living her life for other people and focus on herself.

“I think it was just about showing the different sides of who I am. People don’t realize that I’m a sassy person because Kate is more type A personality. You know, I’m sassy and I have this bubbly personality. It’s one of those songs with an up tempo and it’s a feel-good song about feeling good, but mostly about putting yourself first. And that’s something that I am still learning how to do. But I think everybody can relate to that” she describes.

One of the biggest storylines on This Is Us has been Kate and her dream of becoming a singer. That has meant a lot of singing for actress Chrissy Metz, and many fans are wondering if that’s really her singing on the show. Sometimes when actors on shows have to sing, they’re dubbed over in post-production with an audio track, but as it turns out, that’s indeed Chrissy Metz’s real singing voice on the show. It also means that some fans might have a hard time making a clear distinction between her a singer on the show and in real life.

“I think as an artist, so much of what we do is linked to the fact that we want people to love us and validate us and enjoy what we’re doing whatever if it’s music, or whatever art we’re creating. And so, the hard part is there are people who don’t know that I sing, or they’re like, Oh, I didn’t even know that was you singing for real on the show. And I have to explain that I’m a very different singer than Kate is on the show. And I think so much of that would have been really easy to show people on the tour that I was scheduled to go on in June for 12 cities. Just to show them what I am capable of” says Chrissy.


She is referring to the tour she had initially planned for last summer and which would have allowed her to show to public who she is as a singer. But as we all know; the world population ended up being in quarantine and the tour had to be cancelled. It is via a series of videos on her Youtube channel that she had to process instead.

“Initially, I was really bummed, really upset. And then I thought about people who are losing their lives. There are people who can’t put food on the table. So, what can I do in this situation to be better, to enjoy it more, to plan for the future, but also, to still be able to create and keep that passion within? And so many creative people, not just musicians are struggling with that. I mean, we’re all struggling with it, especially at the moment” she describes.

This is the moment when she decided to try to find the silver lining. She took a day to be really upset and be sad, and be disappointed, before turning all her negative feelings into some brand-new motivation and focus on what really matters and bring her joy.

She has released her first ever Christmas single, a cover of Bing Crosby’s I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Metz’s rendition stays close to the tenderness of the original tune, as she looks back on memories of Christmas at home. Her delivery is tender yet blissfully hopeful, accompanied by gentle guitar strums, drums and piano.

“It brings me back to being six, seven years old and when you’re decorating the tree with your family and actually being home for Christmas and feeling like those are the moments that you might have not understood how important they were at the time. Which is, you know, interesting. And that was part of the reason why I decided to record the song because it’s my mom’s favorite. I just conjure up so many feelings of nostalgia. This year, so many people aren’t able to be with their families. That’s why I chose to record that song because I think we’re all feeling like we would love to be at home at the moment” she says.

Despite only announcing her record — due out later this year — in January, Metz has been working on it all while filming her hit TV show.

“We have everything for an album, we’re just choosing what songs we actually want on there. And I think we’ll be coming out with an EP very soon” says Metz.

Those who read her autobiography This Is Me, released in 2018, might be expecting some very emotional songs on her first album. In her book, she shares her story with a raw honesty that leaves the reader feeling they are spending time with a friend who gets it.

“Yeah, I mean, the hard part is I wish to write from whatever I’m feeling in the moment. And, you know, we wrote Actress because I had gone through a breakup a little while ago. It wasn’t a hard breakup, the breakup before that was really difficult. And I realized that it wasn’t even about the person, it was about me and how I felt about myself and what it brought up for me. And so, we just went down the path of writing Actress and knowing that we’re all trying to put on a brave face when we feel very heartbroken. And so sometimes, I start writing something and halfway through it, I write something else, and I’m like, Oh, you know what? I’m kind of over that. I start asking myself if it is something that I need to share or did I just need to write the song to get over it? And that’s what I am trying to figure out now” concludes Metz.

Written on: December 19, 2020