The epitome of lavish feminity, the Laline store in Toronto’s Sherway Gardens mall is a sight for sore eyes. Bursting with colour, floral arrangements and dreamy sweet scents, the Tel-Aviv based retailer has entered the Canadian market in full force.

The bath-body-lifestyle brand was founded in 1999 and now has more than 100 stores in Israel and 21 internationally, 16 of which are in Japan and 5 in the United States. Now branching into Canada, the first location is a 750 sq ft boutique in the mall’s new “Nordstrom Wing”.

“Our new stores in Canada will be tailored after Laline’s unique design concept that offers a complete in-store pampering experience for customers,” said Lital Frankel, Laline’s VP of Marketing “From our airy, open-concept and dreamy store design – completely outfitted with a bathtub for the complete customer ambiance – to our unique product range with a variety of fragrances, textures, and ingredients, the Canadian consumers are in for a new and exciting experience.”

This location is rumored to be the first of many in Canada, and each store will have collections tailored to the local market.

For those who are unfamiliar, Laline sells lush skincare and pampering products, with signature scents like coconut verbena and vanilla pink peppercorn. Their line embodies a philosophy of self-care, designed to benefit the body and enhance well-being. They offer a long list of gorgeous goodies, from bath scrubs to body lotions, gift sets to candles. They have an elegant aesthetic that caters to women, men, and teenagers at an affordable price.

The wide selection of products can easily be divided into 8 groups: body care (creams, lotions oils), bath & shower (liquid, solid, exfoliating and gel soaps), perfume & ambiance (candles, diffusers, oils), skincare, targeted series (girls, babies, men), beauty (nail polish, perfums), textiles (bathrobes, towels, blankets), and bath accessories (toiletries, shower accessories). The extensive line proves that you really can do it all.

While the selection may seem overwhelming, it becomes easy to navigate once you settle in on a signature scent. Their “World of Scents” series consists of eight alluring fragrances that are available in their line. They have something for everyone: if you’re looking for fresh and energizing, go for lemongrass verbena or ocean, if you want something sweet and cheery, try frozen pear or cherry, for something a bit more sensual, there is musk and vanilla patchouli.

The backbone of any great beauty product is their ingredients, and Laline has an impressive list of quality components. A highlight is vitamin E, which can be found in the fluffy body soap and cream as well as the hand cream, and is credited to slowing down the skin’s aging process. So slather it on – no matter how much help one has in their face, a telling sign of someone’s age is in their hands. It’s an added bonus that these products are so rich and luxurious that you won’t need any convincing to test them out.

Laline has turned “taking responsibility” into a concept of social value. Their website states that “social involvement is an imperative part of [theor] daily activity and is expressed in various channels and means: starting from collaborations to raise awareness, developing unique products to promote various causes, donating products to babies, youngsters, women and people in need and transferring financial resources to help achieve important goals.” They enable customers to work together with them to help various associations, including One out of Nine, NATAL, ELEM, Larger than Life, First Hug and many more.

If you’re a fan of The Body Shop, Lush or Barefoot Venus, you’re about to have a new obsession. It’s hard not to be enchanted by Laline. Fingers crossed that it won’t be long until we see Laline pop up from coast to coast.



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