James Read: A Tan for

James Read is the most famous name in tanning – a category that wasn’t even a well known beauty category a decade ago, but one that James helped to carve out, giving tanning its own space in the beauty aisle and beyond. The glow-to tan master has bronzed the bodies of A-listers Rosie Huntington Whitely, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and countless others. His name sake product line has revolutionized the at home self-tanning experience through innovative formulations, technologies, and ingredients once reserved only for skincare. We may have said goodbye to the tragic orange tans of days gone by, but not the need for the perfect sun kissed look. James Read Tan was built on the idea and unique concept of combining the benefits of luxury skincare with a natural golden tan to suit all skin tones. 

By Lauren Walker-Lee

Committed to the cause, the celebrity tan artist spun his love for tanning into an enviable black book of clients, a spray tan studio, and global consumer product line – all in the name of the perfect stunning sunless glow. That can be achieved with the fruits of his labour, a 30 sku strong (and a growing) product line. Ryan Reynold loves the mist, VB loves the overnight sleep mask, and Rosie was just quoted in the London Times saying that a James Read tan is transformative and that she receives regular at-home spay tans. Are you new to tanning or a tanning aficionado? There is something for everyone with various application methods and consistencies available to suit any preference. Mist, mousse, or balm – how does one decide?

“My mission has always been to change the world’s perception of tanning. My products are effortless to apply and are all about making your skin not only look amazing but feel amazing too. That’s why I’m not afraid to call them outsTANding.”


This year sees the line expand with new ingenious products that couldn’t fit any better into our day to day lives and product needs. Coupling today’s laid back lingo for a socially sharing world (there’s a Selfie Glow Stick) with top of the line skincare ingredients that consumers demand, the James Read line leaves no stone unturned. If you’re heading on a short haul flight to the beach and forgot your tan, he’s got you covered. Adding a few tanning drops to your inflight moisturizing routine will do the trick, or if you’re going transatlantic, give the overnight sleep mask a try and wake up glowing.

And since we’re only halfway through the winter season, it must mean we are all ready to hit the beach? Or at least fake it, right? We caught up with James Read in Toronto to talk tanning and get a glimpse of his new products that will certainly help us achieve his effortless sunless tan.

Click & Glow

The name says it all – Concentrated ‘on–the-go’ multivitamin gel tanning drops that you can add to your SPF, moisturizer or makeup. This concentrated formulation requires fewer drops and a thicker consistency to prevent thinning of the base skincare cream. Formulated with powerful antioxidants and vitamin complexes combined with key anti-aging skincare ingredients to gently brighten and smooth your skin as well as improve the skin’s natural defence against free radicals, stimulate collagen synthesis, and give you a natural looking glow. ($40)


H2O Mousse

A lightweight clear tanning mousse that delivers that a summer glow and intensive moisturization!

Infused with beauty enhanced fruit waters, watermelon extract, bamboo water, aloe vera juice, nutrients, and a multivitamin complex that naturally moisturize, smooth, soften, and lock hydration into the skin. “HydradermTM,” a 72 hour thirst-quenching complex, restores the skins’ moisture content. ($40)


Selfie Glow Stick

Click, Brush, GLOW Makeup meets self tanning!

This vitamin infused CC cream hydrates, moisturizes, and firms as well as giving your skin a light CC coverage that evens out the tone and delivers a natural glow. The brush gadget is the perfect travel applicator, infused with skincare favourites like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, B5, Q10, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera, and Witch Hazel to name a few. ($40)


Tan Eraser Drops

DTKxPresentsxInBedWithJamesRead_V2 from Luisa Tarantino on Vimeo.

A unique combination of Glycolic Acid with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, Pineapple extracts, and AHA’s to help remove self tan, and all tanning imperfections gently and effectively in just a few minutes. Added beauty boosting skincare ingredients, like Micellar Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E will combine to leave skin fresh, soothed, hydrated and moisturized. ($40)



Written on: January 23, 2020