Jiro Taniguchi for Louis Vuitton’s

There is something very poetic about traveling. From the moment you pack your luggage to the time you arrive to destination, there is always excitement to discover different cultures and habits. In order to make sure you do not miss the iconic places you need to see, a city guide can quickly become your best friend. In that spirit, Louis Vuitton is launching a new collection of books from their line of  Travel Books. The splendid notebooks illustrated by artists such as Chéri Samba and Daniel Arsham are now renowned for their great quality and unique approach. For Venice, they asked mangaka Jiro Taniguchi to deliver his vision of The City of Water.

Taniguchi published his first manga in 1970, but it is only in 1990 with the publication of The Walking Man that he was able to gain international recognition. With his fondness for everything regarding human relationships and wild animals, he is the perfect match for the dreamy spirit of Louis Vuitton’s new book collection.

You can discover the entire collection on Louis Vuitton’s website.



Written on: June 27, 2014