Cover photo by photographer Lou Escobar

Kathiastrophe’s Week:

This week was a flow of booking and rebooking meetings due to a cold. Not as productive as I was aiming for, it felt like I was racing to get up to date. The week went by, and I never succeeded in getting into the time frame I thought I should be in. So, I did what I usually do – working on the weekend.

By Kathia Cambron

Since nothing really happened, I’ll give you access to what was happening in my mind. Not sure about you, but I often think that every little action I make is duplicated by the 7.5 billion people on the planet, which is why I believe we really need to make changes in the way we live our life. I was wondering about who could help us get data about such changes – such as, ‘what would happen if every woman stopped doing their nails for a month’ or ‘what would happen if we all went vegetarian 5 days a week?’ Even more, ‘why are there no easier options for buying groceries in bulk?’ You know, I love cooking and I’m sad because of all of the packaging waste I produce (x 7.5 billion!) 

Also, I don’t spend much time on Instagram but the 20 minutes that I did this weeked, I discovered the work of Lou Escobar. She absolutely blew my mind with her creativity and her amazing photographs of two models in the water, embracing each other like a couple in love.

Photography by Lou Escobar

I also discovered the work of Sahana Ramakrishnan thanks to Gardy’s post, who just took part of a pro abortion exhibit, while also making her kick fighting debut in a championship. She’s pretty talented and badass. I also watched the movie Harriet, a must see film, with incredible performances and storytelling. What a hero Harriet Tubman was! 

Painting by Sahana Ramakrishnan A Night In The Woods – 2017

Harriet featuring the talented actress Cynthia Erivo

As I was going to put my week to bed, I found out that my morning  train to Montreal was cancelled due to a protest in Belleville by Indigenous communities against the construction of the Transatlantic pipeline. I think that was the highlight of my week. I admire their actions, I trust their judgment, and I feel like they are the ones fighting for what is probably the best for all of us. Now, I’m no energy expert, but this was literally put into my way, so let’s support it!

Pipeline protest by the Wet’suwet’en

I feel lucky that there are heroes out there that we get to witness in our lives.

I wish you all a great one xx

Written on: February 11, 2020