Kathiastrophe’s Week:

I haven’t written my ‘Kathiastrophe’ posts for the last couple of weeks, because I didn’t really think I had anything that amazing to talk about … but with all this craziness, normal life might be amazing after all!

By Kathia Cambron

February 24th was an important date. I was invited to an introduction reformer class at the Misfit Studio on Bloor in Toronto. I was so amazed by this class and the tool itself, that the next day and any other possible spare hour that could fit in my schedule, I made my way back to the class. Totally obsessed with it, I even found a studio during my trip to Montreal. I totally crashed an advanced class due to lack of better timing with my agenda and they tried to turn me down, but I casually told them, ‘I will survive.’ And yes, I did get a speech after the class. Anyway, I won’t be going back there because the machine wasn’t a STOTT, so it wasn’t as good. But I do recommend that everyone to try these classes. They do wonders for the body, and it feels great. It’ll both pull you and push you at the same time! I can’t explain, you’ll just have to go find out.


Misfit Studio

Misfit studio Reformer class

Then I left town for a 10 day trip to the Island, not thinking it would actually become a couple of months long trip. I fit right in with the 2x pyjamas per day fashion, as it’s basically all I have. I’m wondering how Gucci came out with that PJ fashion so ahead of its time. Not bad!

Quarantine view

Balcony Night View

Now, we are about to move out of our house from a distance. It’s crazy. I left home and will literally never go back, thanks to Covid. I’m relieved that my house wasn’t too much of a mess, because someone I don’t really know will pack all my stuff (yep, panties included). 

It’s day 9 without exercising, thanks to a home workout, in which a resistance band hit me in the face. I got a concussion from it, and since then I have back pain that I hope is about to get off my back, counting the hour now.

Anyways, the last two weeks have been pretty chaotic at work. But since we are kind of continuously reinventing ourselves at DTK, we did okay and our Spring/Summer edition is out! Once again, I would argue it’s our best edition to date. You should really get your copy, as it’s definitely collector’s edition material.

And now for a  little reward! I want to share the work of this artist: Hey_Reilly. I do not understand why he only has 164K follower with the quality of his. It’s creative, and every time I look as his account, I burst out laughing.


memes by Hey_Riley

memes by Hey_Riley

memes by Hey_Riley come on that’s hilarious

Written on: March 23, 2020