A peek into Canada’s next best in fashion

By: Brenna Dixon

Recognized globally for exceeding educational standards within the fashion design and marketing sectors, LaSalle College preps for its 60th Anniversary next year. With campuses situated across the world (think Bogota, Jakarta, and Barcelona to name a few), totalling 23 higher educational institutes on 5 continents, students have the exclusive ability to study abroad between the exotic locations. For over 30 years, LaSalle has been conditioning and leveraging jovial talent, garnering cultural experiences and remarkable industry acumen, ensuring their graduates have unprecedented recognition.

LaSalle students are renowned for their dazzling talent and avant-garde approach to design, distinguishing them in a highly competitive environment. A pivotal experience for all students is the Signature fashion show, which marks a significant transition from student status to designer. Every year the show draws 4,000 onlookers – earning the title of the most famous fashion show in Canada for the past 30 years.

Sunday, May 13th marks the official debut of the creative metamorphosis of budding talent who are showcasing for the first time their collections at both 4 pm and 7:30 pm at the Palais des Congres Montreal. Following in the footsteps of past graduates, such as CAFA’s 2018 Womenswear of the Year award winner Marie Saint Pierre, Sofia Sokoloff and more, the Signature fashion show will surely give us insight into Canada’s next big name in fashion.

Creative Direction ANDREW MCNALLY
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