Liz Trinnear is the Quintessential 
Cool Girl

With beauty, talent, character, and personal style to spare, Liz Trinnear became a much-loved member of Canada’s most-watched entertainment program and has been captivating us ever since. We caught up with the endearing fashion aficionado, pop culture enthusiast, music buff, and etalk reporter to discuss everything from travel essentials to her favourite hangs and everything in between.

By Mayillah Ezekiel

Photographer Alex Evans
Art Director & Makeup Mayillah Ezekiel

Being a TV Host and influencer on the move, you know how to prepare efficiently for your trips. What are some of your travel essentials? I can usually pack within 30 minutes. I’m a firm believer in carry-ons; you don’t need as many options as you think you do. I can typically pack outfits, bring the appropriate skin care and makeup kit needs, and pack a pair of sneakers and heels in my carry-on. I like to carry a SAJE Natural Wellness Pocket Farmacy, BURT’S BEES lip balm, WELEDA Skin Food hand cream, immune/vitamin booster, DIPTYQUE Tam Dao travel size perfume, BEATS BY DRE wireless headphones, and my portable charger and iPad.

When it comes to fashion, you definitely stand out with your style. How would you describe your personal style? I change my style all-day, every day. I will come into work in a sporty ‘90s tracksuit, go to lunch in a Twiggy ‘60s-inspired look, and walk on set in an old Hollywood glam look. I think the best description (it may sound cliché) is eclectic. My brain is very much like an archive and I love collecting pieces and styling things on the fly. At the moment, I’m heavily inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s. I love the boho side of things, but mixed with mod. These eras have always inspired me by the loud florals, wide-leg pants, cowgirl chic vibes – I’m here for it!

You are constantly in front of the camera. What steps do you go through when getting ready for a photo/video shoot or red carpet event? I change up my routine depending on the time of year but there are a few key things I try and maintain when doing shoots or red carpets. My number one rule is hydration and skin preparation. I try and drink as much water as possible and get a good night’s sleep. I have a face cream or mask for every type of occasion but I never try a new product before a big event. You never know how your skin will react. I am a sucker for feeding your skin with lots of lotion, and depending on the event I may get a spray tan prior.  I’m also not afraid to rock the FLAWLESS BY FRIDAY eye mask on my way to makeup, the day of an event. Pro tip – shave your legs the night before and not the day of. Nobody wants razor burn on the day of a red carpet.



What are you listening to right now?Like fashion, I have an eclectic ear and I’m always listening to a solid mix of new and old (especially ‘90s R&B or early 2000s emo). At the moment, I am obsessed with this UK/NY duo called WESLEE, Billie Eilish, Sigrid, Roy Woods, Khalid, and Turnover.

What albums would compose the soundtrack to your life? I’m super into film scores so I feel I would love Sigur Ros mixed with M83, add some Coldplay, Haim and some Robyn in there – cinematic, colourful, and fun.

Where could we find you on a day off? At a workout class after a solid sleep in, on Queen Street shopping, having a facial at Province Apothecary, or having dinner and drinks with friends.

Name a few of your favourite spots in Toronto and LA? My favourite restaurant in Toronto is hands down, PAI – the best Thai food that anyone will ever eat. I could eat it every day. My friend, ZANE, has the best collection of sunglasses, jewellery, and handbags. He knows the trends but always brings in timeless, affordable pieces. My personal fave (and close friend) [is] JENNY BIRD. I also love Sqirl for brunch in LA and Venice Abbott Kinney for shopping and beach hangs.

What does your typical work day look like? No two days are the same. Some days I’m up at the crack of dawn, others I’m working the evening red carpet shift. Typically, I wake up and make a smoothie and a matcha (recently got off the coffee train so I’m obsessed with the green goodness), come into work and start a boat load of voiceovers, then off to a shoot in the morning, [and] go into makeup for touch ups. We shoot our etalk episodes in the afternoon and then, once the show is packaged, I like to squeeze in a workout class or an event at night.

What has been the most exciting part of your career so far? There have been so many career highlights so far, including 2010 Winter Olympics, hosting the iHeartRadio MMVAs with Gigi Hadid and Ed Sheeran, interviewing massive stars like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Nicole Kidman, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise, and of course joining the etalk family. I’m looking forward to many more career highlights to come!

Written on: May 11, 2018