See why there is so much buzz around Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Next summer is where the heal goes to die. Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2015 “Birds and Bees” themed collection featured, get ready for this, Birkenstocks with butterfly wing motif. In a very new and unusual way, Christopher Bailey, is transforming Burberry’s staple look of beige trenches and plaid collars, to jean peplum jackets with shearling fringes.

The very playful collection is all about mixing materials and styles in a contradicting manner. Pastel denim cropped jackets detailed with patent collars, mixed with taffeta dresses paired with leather Birkenstocks or sneakers invaded the runway. The unlikely and playful combinations permit one to reminisce back to his or her childhood where anything goes as long as its fun. The rebirth of the classic trench encompasses bugs and a big tulle bow-belt. “I love the idea of wildlife and things that have been born again. We mixed things that were very fragile like denim and gabardine with things that were very fine and delicate like silks.” Bailey said backstage.

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss were seen in the front row. Cara, incorporating Burberry’s new look in a sexy topless pantsuit paired with colorful sneakers.

Pictures: Burberry

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