If there was any question about Nicolas Ghesquière being on his way out from Louis Vuitton, his #notgoinganywhere on social certainly hushed any nay-sayers debuting his fifth for the House.

Selecting the Fondation Maeght for the 2019 Cruise Collection cemented Ghesquière’s admiration of the arts and architecture. Situated near the village of Saint-Paul de Vence on the French Riviera the pick was of no surprise coming off of his previous cruise collections for the house (think the Niterói Museum in Rio De Janiero, Brazil and the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan).

Originally created to honour all forms of modern and contemporary art, the Fondation Maeghtfeatures a multitude of creations which present themselves harmoniously complimenting both construction and scenery: the Mirò labyrinth is filled with ceramics and sculptures, there are mural mosaics of Chagall and Tal Coat and the Giacometti courtyard is world famous for its “in-situ”. The atmosphere of inclusivity loomed as the electronic voiceover of a girl’s fragmented story began.

As the models glided through the Mirò statues, the atmosphere of compound uniqueness was set. It was easy to note that every single piece, was immediately going viral. Lingerie sets beaded and delicate, shrunken vest pieces in vibrant colours, sliced sleeves moving freely and the dresses had a sense of lightness to them dancing over thigh-high boot-sneakers. Feather tops sliced through the sweet Mediterranean air knotted at the waist topping short shorts and teeny skirts, there was even acid washed denim and a notable 80’s influence. Ruffles and retro angular cut blazers garnished flowing delicate blouses and dresses with finger skimming sleeves. Images of the collaborative bag collection between Ghesquière and former Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington of her cats and his dog were popping up all over social as the show went live.

  The bricolage of clothing wasn’t simply about striking pieces of wearable art but, more so a reflection of the modern woman’s diversity. With individuality and lavish experiences on the rise, the appeal of interpreting a luxury brand as one see’s fit could be one of Ghesquière’s most brilliant ideas yet.


Photos courtesy of VOGUE RUNWAY / Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv / Getty Images

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