Making A Statement with Jewelry Designer Rita Tesolin

Fashion foreplay often comes to us by the way of accessories. The prelude to falling deeply in love with a brand, or the precursor to a full fledge fashion look. Accessories are both an easy dip- your- toe into a trend purchase, and a perfect way to update an old classic. They become the punctuation marks of your outfit, expressing your personality as you wish them to.  The best part about accessories is that they are, in a way, size-less. Jewelry, scarves, bags, hats and shoes don’t discriminate; they are an inclusive style club open for everyone. A mood lifter when the fitting rooms become unforgiving. The devil is in the details as they say, and jewelry more specifically acts as those special details to transmit’s our signals either loudly or softly.

By Lauren Walker-Lee

Rita Tesolin has been designing statement-making jewelry since 2003.

At what was supposed to be a quick pause from working in the law, and sojourn into jewelry making, turned into career destiny. Not for the minimalist or the timid, her bold pieces are often featured in the pages of Dress To Kill Magazine, and adorning celebrities like Nelly Furtado, Taylor Swift, and Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha.

Common descriptors of Rita Tesolin the jewelry include: bold, dazzling, and intricate while common descriptors of Rita Tesolin the person also include: bold, dazzling, and intricate.

“Her pieces speak loud and clear!” says Fashion Stylist Randy Smith.  “They scream, “look at me” and are not for the faint of heart. They are the true definition of statement pieces, and as a stylist these are the types of things that you look for when creating an editorial! In personal styling, good accessorizing can dress up a t-shirt and jeans just by adding the right elements! Or turn that little black dress from day to night! Allow a statement piece to make the statement.”

During the recent collections, Rita collaborated and supported emerging designer Adrian Arnieri on his Toronto Fashion Week debut. A fellow of the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute, Arnieri’s throw back of lively 90’s designs met Rita’s signature bling, making the desired statement to great applause, and social media shares.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Rita over the past year” says Arnieri. “Having her support and sponsorship during my first show was a really special moment. The work and passion she puts into her pieces reminds me of the magic I put into designing and creating my garments. We both have the same mentality where more is MORE! It’s her bold style and love for glamour that has always attracted me to Rita’s work. Above all Rita has mentored me and offered some of the best advice throughout the last year of my career.”

We sat down with the Toronto based designer to see how it all started, her love of stones, and what’s next for her.

What was it about jewelry that inspired you to switch careers and leave the Law? I began making jewelry and hair accessories by the age of ten.  It always brought me joy and allowed me to express my creativity and of course, my personality. After practicing Law for a few years I needed a break. It was supposed to be temporary. Sometimes life has other plans.



– Steel Magnolias

You are drawn to mysticism, energy, and Native American culture how does this play into the design process or your designs? I have always admired Native American and Indigenous  cultures.  They understand the symbiotic relationship  between people and Nature.  One thing affects the other and everything has its place and function.  I hope that what I do brings joy to peoples lives and that happiness is passed on to others.  Like a ripple effect in the ocean.

Can you comment on the power of stones and crystals? I believe that anything that is naturally created by Mother Earth carries different frequencies of energy.  I feel that certain people are drawn to certain stones at a specific time because they are in need of their healing properties. Gemstones hold an array of powers.

Why is it important to accessorize, or why are women so drawn to accessories? Accessories enable a Woman to express herself without saying a word. They can tell you about her mood, personality and confidence level.

You are known for your statement making designs, how did you arrive at such a bold aesthetic? I’ve  always been attracted to strong people and works of art.  They are both complicated and puzzles I try to understand.  The same can be said about my work and personality.

What does adornment mean to you? I feel it encompasses many things, such as your wealth, education or station in life.  Primarily accessories are a direct reflection of a persons individuality, a method to distinguish oneself from the rest of society.

Jewelry and accessories are powerful, can you comment on the power of accessories?Accessories act as tools of communication.  Their size, shape, colour  and design tell a story about the person wearing them. Change the accessories, tell a different story.

What is next for you? I have begun working on a few new projects that I can’t discuss right now. I have always evolved and put trust in the process, not quite knowing what will be. I am excited to see what this next phase will bring.

rita tesolin jewelry

Models Backstage at the Adrian Arnieri SS20 Show photo by Serge Kerbel


rita tesolin jewelry

Dress To Kill 2015 Editorial Photo Chris Nicholls Styling Randy Smith with accessories by Rita Tesolin


Written on: September 27, 2019