Capturing the best of your summer!

I am no photographer, but leave me with a good cellphone in my hand and I’m going to snap every important event of the day until my memory card is ridiculously full. When I got the opportunity to test the new smartphone by LG as I was leaving for a music festival in the United States, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to put to the test its ultra wide-angle lens I heard so much about. You have to know about this phone that it’s water resistant and very light to hold -thanks to a mix of glass and metal- , and that the LG G6 has so many interesting features that make it a competitive product on the market. It includes a wireless charging system, Google’s voice-enabled smart assistant, 13-megapixel camera with a second lens to take ultra-wide angle photos (hello #instagramgoal) and a screen that is narrower than most smartphones.



Once I started snapping with the wide-angle lense, I simply couldn’t go back to the regular one. It was so exciting to be able to capture every detail of the background behind me, making it easier by the same occasion to size the vibe and madness of a music festival. I also had a lot of fun testing the LG’s custom Square Camera app, which is basically your own portable photobooth. It composes a square shot and has a full preview available immediately in the bottom half, and you can also mix and match four photos into a grid layout alongside new pictures right there in the app.

I also have to personally thanks the LG’s design team for creating a drop protection system, allowing the phone to be protected from the clumsy little person that I am. Yes, it’s good to know that the LG G6 has an internal plate designed to spread the effects of shock while also providing rounded corners and an aluminum frame around the outside of the edges. It makes it the perfet phone for you to bring on the road and be the witness of every crazy adventure you’re about to live this summer.