Messika’s New Collection:

The recently released Lucky Move collection is a playful reimagining of Messika’s best selling Move collection. Their campaign, which featured three different stars, perfectly represents one of the fundamental values of the brand – these diamonds suit any and all styles, representing how multifaceted women are. 

By Luisa Tarantino

Born in 2005, Messika is a French luxury house headed by Valérie Messika, the daughter of diamond merchant André Messika and businesswoman and designer extraordinaire. While drawing on Valérie’s inherited childhood growing up with diamonds, Messika creates contemporary and elegantly modern fine diamond jewellery that speaks to the modern woman. Messika jewellery is created in France at their atelier by 15-20 extremely skilled artisans, with one of their goals being to make the materials that they use very light, and thus contemporary, beautifully crafted, and luxurious.

If you don’t know about Messika, you will once you do a quick Google Search. A slew of celebrities are fans of Messika, wearing their beautiful pieces not only on red carpets, but also as a fashion choice off camera. Arguably their most famous fan – the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, worn Messika on red carpets, in her music videos, and all over her Instagram. The list goes on – Cardi B, Bella Hadid, Charlize Theron, Emily Ratajkowski, and so many more.

In preparation for our upcoming interview with Valerie Messika in our Winter print issue, DTK got a glimpse of the Lucky Move collection, which launched only a couple of months ago.

In designing the Lucky Move collection, one of the inspirations was to reinterpret the iconic Move collection, drawing on the characteristics of talismans and medallions. Just as in the Move collection, of which many pieces contain moving diamonds that move from left to right or from top to bottom, many pieces in the Lucky Move collection also feature moving pieces. For example, the collections’ medallion necklaces can be spun around, having 360 movement, with the possibility to engrave the back of the medallion.

In reinterpreting the Move collection, the Lucky Move collection instead acts as a lucky charm, being very playful in its ability to move or be engraved. Marie Grasser, Director of Communications at Messika, notes that, “The movement of the medallion is reminiscent of a heads or tails, and the ability to always accumulate different colours and different sizes in medallions is [a fun aspect for wearers] – the pieces are really different and multi-faceted, just like today’s women, who want to work hard yet enjoy life at the same time.”

As to how the Lucky Move collection fits into the Messika repertoire, or how it both stands out and complements past collection, Marie Grasser remarks that as the Move collection is a best seller, Valerie tries to think of new designs that belong to the same spirit as the move collection every year. It complements what is already existing, but it’s not exactly the same. The collections can be mixed and matched, not only with the Move collection, but other Messika collections, making for a myriad of exciting combinations. “In buying from the Lucky Move collection, consumers are not going to think that they’re buying yet another Move piece, but a new Move piece” says Marie Grasser, Director of Communications at Messika. In buying a Lucky Move piece, you’ll be buying something that can stand beautifully on its own.


messika lucky move

This collection launched at the same time as their stunning campaign featuring iconic model Kate Moss,  model Joan Smalls, and Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, three women who, not only visually but in their careers, are completely different.  For Messika, shooting with three different women was a choice. “The idea was to create a sort of girl gang,” says Grasser “who are all different with their own personal styles.” The idea is that each woman is wearing the same collection, but wears the pieces differently, interpreting the collection in their own way, with their particular looks and particular attitudes. Messika stands for the difference of women, embracing the different women and celebrities that wear their brand. Both value in importance, and both represent the brand’s design values and principles.

As I took a look through Messika’s press book, taken away by the pieces’ shining brilliance,  their novelty, and their playfulness, I came across the phrase “Jewellery for brilliant women.” There is nothing that represents the brand, their collections, and their most recent campaign more than that phrase. Beautifully contemporary and modern, the collection and the campaign go hand in hand, representing an era where fashion, and in this case jewellery, embraces the diversity of women.

You can shop their collection here as well as at in-store and online at Maison Birks.

messika lucky move


Written on: November 28, 2019