Messika High Jewellery Collection

Messika’s new high jewellery collection, Voltige, is an inspired, unique collection that plays with movement, balance, and symmetry to create beautiful pieces that combine technical prowess with exceptional diamonds.

           —By Luisa Tarantino

Using acrobatics as one source of inspiration, the collection’s placement of diamonds manages to provide a sort of lightness to each piece, experimenting with geometry and shapes, space and structure. The collection offers unexpected earring/ring combinations that marry high jewellery’s ‘formality’ with edge and airiness – the diamonds seem to float, shift, and move, exploring space and the limitations of their construction. The combinations complement each other in an aerial duet.

Stepping away from extravagance and ornamentation, Messika seeks to lighten the tone of ‘high jewellery.’ The collection is made of six distinct ‘styles,’ to represent the collection’s promise of ‘weightless’ diamonds, with names pulling from the same acrobatic motif:  DANSEURS AÉRIENS (Loving Diamonds), BASCULED (Balanced Diamonds), TRAPÉZISTES (Flying Diamonds), ACROBATES (Freed Diamonds), ÉQUILIBRISTES (Thrill Diamonds), and ILLUSIONNISTES (Moving Diamonds). Each style brings with it it’s particular structural qualities: diamonds that appear to float in the air,  balance as if frozen in time, criss-cross and intertwine, move with one’s own movements, whose unique shapes form optical illusions as they overlap and swing.

Check out some of the pieces below. Make sure to visit the Messika website for more information.

messika voltage messika voltage messika voltage

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Written on: July 19, 2020