Today, All-American brand Michael Kors announced the launch of a new jewelry collection made from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, sparkling accents with 14-karat gold, rose gold, and rhodium plating. The collection is the key to the secret of versatile sophistication, centered around the iconic Kors lock motif.

Award-winning designer and the brand’s namesake, Michael Kors, began his process taking inspiration from the Mercer lock, an iconic element to the brand inspired by Mercer Street in New York where he opened up his first downtown store. The lock can be seen as a charm, or creatively linked into stunning bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, with sparkling accents. A modern and heartfelt twist to a timeless link design.

The Mercer link has a custom faceting forming in an ‘M’ shape, a letter that has been a long-time identifier of the Michael Kors brand. “I’ve been sketching different takes on the letter M since I was a kid. There’s something architectural about the shape of the letter that translates into a strong, glamorous graphic element,� said Kors in a statement.

There are two other key stories to this line, both featuring customization and the lock.

The Kors Color is an array of customizable gemstones designed as a celebration of the woman who wears them, whether it’s to compliment her personal style, represent a special moment, or help to radiate a vibrant look. The Custom Kors is a group of collectible charms, nesting bracelets, and rings with interchangeable elements – a way to add your personal touch to your everyday jewellery and make your own story come to life.

The elegant collection transcends seasons and occasions; each piece is extremely versatile, whether it’s to accessorize a gown or adding a cool sophistication by stacking rings and bracelets with a simple white tee and jeans.

This collection is a defining moment in Kors’ brand. The designer’s legacy of high-fashion handbags for everyday use has found its way into almost every women’s closet. Now, with this launch of demi-fine jewellery, luxury becomes more accessible. Customers will no longer have to sacrifice quality or style for everyday, wearable pieces. They just have to look for the Mercer lock.


The Michael Kors Fall 2018 Jewelry Collection will be available at select retailers worldwide beginning August 2018.





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