From blooming flowers and coiling serpents to leafy vines and pudgy bumble bees, the swirls and curves of nature have long been an inspiration for jewellery designers. The beauty of the shapes and lines of nature are reason enough to recreate them in jewellery, but the symbolism is also an important factor. Fertility, strength, love, and power are only a few of the symbolic meanings behind the natural motifs in jewellery. 

           —By Carol Besler


This symbolizes fidelity and love, a perfect anniversary gift.
Leaf themed necklace in rose gold from the India collection by Tamara Comolli. 


Sturdy yet pliable, branches represent flexibility, endurance, youthful vitality and suppleness.
Japan Sakura cherry blossom tree inspired earrings by Dean Davidson. Set with turquoise and blue topaz in gold.


The floral motif represents springtime, youth and virtue. Colors are important: white stands for purity; red for vitality; blue for mystery and devotion; yellow for warmth.
Camelia Galbe ring in black onyx and 18k white gold set with a diamond, by Chanel.


Orchid motif earrings from the Red Carpet collection by Chopard. Set with opals, pink sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds. 



The bee is a motif representing industriousness and zealousness. It celebrates the community spirit.
Bee pendant in yellow gold with red enamel, set with a diamond, by Birks.


This mighty creature stands for courage, authority and wisdom.
Lion Pépite drop earrings in 18k gold by Chanel.


This cheeky animal is all about fun, charm, energy and wit.
Monkey themed ring set with black and white diamonds from the Animalier collection by Roberto Coin. 


It naturally symbolizes beauty, elegance, long life, joy and warmth. It can also refer to rebirth or renewal.
Hortensia Eden Lapis Lazuli Pendant by Chaumet.


The serpent represents wisdom and eternity, and gifting it represents the commitment to long-lasting friendship and love.
Ruby and diamond Serpenti high jewellery watch by Bulgari, with flexible bracelet. 


Written on: May 25, 2020